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I need a definitive answer on Google nest W i-fi

I want to stabilize my wi-fi in my basement. It's weak.I have a Ethernet cable connection ready.Can I get a 2nd Google nest router and hard wire it to the Ethernet (which is connected to my main Google router and thereby boost my wi-fi.I see 'yes you...

Access to google drive

Many users would benefit from access to their google drive from the hub. This seems like an easy home run, and honestly a first class feature that should have been included at launch.

Alexa Not Showing In Partner Connections

I switched internet providers and now I cannot connect my Neat to Alexa. It’s not showing in partner connections through the Google Home app. And Nest doesn’t show as an available connection option in the Alexa app when I try to add a thermostat.

RNeedham by Community Member
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Nest Hub Max not showing video

My parents just got a nest hub max so we could video call each other on them. Made our first video call last night but their video would not show. They made sure their toggle for turning the mic and camera on was switched to on, they had the green l...

Bailey208 by Community Member
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Hub is displaying wrong work location.

This is driving me insane. I have never worked at the place it tells me I should be commuting to every day. I have worked from home for over 5 years, and I have checked my account repeatedly. Under "Your places" it shows work as my home address. If i...

BananaG3 by Community Member
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Wiring assistance

I am going from a standard Honeywell thermostat to the nest learning thermostat. I just want to make sure I have the correct wiring. Can anyone provide assistance?

668D75ED-1E49-4D69-BB67-C771DE81AD19.jpeg 78EAF975-C960-40D0-AE4D-0C0A7B46D570.jpeg 901A7B47-9F4D-4FD7-A0E7-5996594F2E47.jpeg
Rjqasas by Community Member
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