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Wifi points going offline randomly - an ongoing problem

There have been a multitude of posts regarding this over the past two years and there still doesn't seem to be a fix. Nest points randomly go offline, sometimes they'll 'fix' themselves, sometimes I need to unplug them. It's getting more frequent lat...

NPazdan by Community Member
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setting up google nest

I have been trying to set my google nest up and i keep getting the message something went wrong your speaker may be set up but we could not communicate with it from iPhone I have checked the privacy setting they are enabled but i still get the same m...

Google best camera light won't turn blue

I'm in Canada and trying to set up my Nest Cam (outdoor or indoor, battery) in the Home app of my Pixel 6. I have a 1 GB Wi-Fi setup and a mesh network throughout the house so signal is not an issue anywhere. I'm in step 1 of the setup ("Plug in your...

Aq86 by Community Member
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Nest Hub (1st gen) won't open websites

Hi.This is my issue: I'm trying to get my nest hub (I believe it to be a 1st gen) to open a website by saying "Hey Google, open ". When I try a short url to i.e. a newspaper ( my devise responds: "opening website" .. but the screen only turns w...

tomsyv by Community Member
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Sound notifications

I don't get sound notifications on 2nd Gen wired doorbells. I do get notifications and can see video but how do I get sound?

Kents by Community Member
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