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Adding guest to nest timer

Please can you inform me and help.I've recently had a nest Pro fitted im set up fine. I was just wondering can I add a guest to the system so they can change the hearing but not mess with my overall timing pattern.

TAZMAD by Community Member
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Halogeny Nest Cam

Dzień dobry mam pytanie.Orientuje się ktoś jak ustawić czasowe włączanie i wyłączanie halogenow od kamery.M namyśli żeby halogeny przestały swiecic o wybranek godzinie i wlanczaly się o danej.Z góry dziękuję

Thermostat won't take charge

My Nest Thermostat will not take a charge. Not from the HVAC wiring, and not from a direct USB connection. Its a pretty safe bet in my estimation that the battery is fried. Its my FOURTH unit in 3 years and fourth to be uniquely defective. Quality ha...

hazelj by Community Member
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Google Nest Floodlight Cam in Rain

Hi , I installed a new Floodlight Cam 2 days ago and the device repeatedly thinks light rain at night time is something, either Person or Vehicle and triggers the flood lights. I have seen earlier posts but need to know if this is going to be sorted ...

C Wire Adapter - 2 wires in 'R' terminal screw

Mine is a 'Heating only' system. I am trying to install the " Nest Thermostat C Wire Adapter".I see 2 red wires connected to the 'R' terminal screw in my furnace. Should I connect (move) both the wires to wire connector? Please see the picture attach...

vepathur by Community Member
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