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Nest mini keeps resetting

Hi,my Nest mini keeps resetting itself and after doing so, only replies in French. The only languages I use normally are Dutch and English. D

DKRD by Community Member
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Rooms confused even after "home" delete and reset

I have no understanding of how Google Home and Assistant are getting this wrong. Master Bedroom commands are being executed for a completely different room, with consistency, and through automation commands as well as verbal commands. The rooms do no...

Screenshot_20230608-075941.png Screenshot_20230608-085110.png

Schedule Camera Notifications - Google Home

I noticed that the Google Home app updated recently. I have looked but can't find any new features for scheduling notifications for my cameras. It still appears you can only choose to have notifications on all the time or only when you are away. This...

TR5 by Community Member
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Genie garage door status

I have two new Genie garage door openers and have linked them to the Aladdin app (Android) and to my Google nest mini. I can open and close my garage doors via the nest but all I want is the status of the doors. I've asked "Hey Google what is the sta...

SullyC55 by Community Member
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Apps doesn't show on my Nest Hub 2

Hello, my google nest hub 2 does not show apps, all I can see is: assistant, games, search, sling TV, stories and YT TV. I cannot see anything else. I can open for example youtube or spotify using my voice but I would like to see all the apps in the ...

Kasia17 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell will not re-mount

Fool me once, shame on youFool me twice, shame on meI have two entryways with Nest Battery Doorbells, as well as 2 nest cameras and multiple nest thermostats in my home. Slight more than 1 year after purchasing my doorbells I had an issue remounting ...

jadenmark by Community Member
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Photos refuse to slideshow when idle

I’m trying to get my Home to use my photos for idling screensavers in my bedroom but the Home app refuses to find the photos… I’ve tried creating a shared album in iCloud, I’ve restarted my Home device, I’ve emailed Home account with the photos. noth...