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Best iOS app not displaying right temp

Our iOS app is no longer showing the current temp nor does it match the actual thermostat. A few odd scenarios happening:1. The actual thermostat will show that it’s warming to 72 but in the app it shows it warming to only 71. 2. We have four differe...

cfoye130 by Community Member
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String of smart lights that run on 2.4ghz

Hey can anyone help me connect my Bulbrite solana string of smart lights, to my Google fiber 5.0ghz. I've tried all kinds of resources from Google fiber support, including reset with no results . Do I need a Google network box GFRG210 to split the 5....

Hotdog by Community Member
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Thermostat e can't be added to nest app. What's up?

Both of my nest thermostat e were connected to my nest app. Nest app crapped out and I had to reinstall. Now they won't connect. I get td000, td006, td007, td008, td009 errors randomly each time I try. I've read all of the help files, all of which sa...

Google home app double notification

I have a Google nest indoor cam, and Google nest doorbell. My wife has a Google account on her phone and I have a Google account on my phone but we both are receiving double notifications. Neither one of us are signed into each other’s phones. Does a...

Chromecast doesnt recognice my network

Dear Tech support, My issue is I cant configure my chromecast module with google home, My mobil show my network strong 2.4ghz and I put the same network in my chromecast. Google home cant find my network and I am max. 3 ft from the chromecast module....

AndreF by Community Member
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Google Home Mini (1st gen) won't activate

New Google Home Mini fresh out of sealed box. Google Home app found the device but said it needed to be activated. Downloaded and installed the Device Utility app. Opened the Device Utility app and the app asked to turn off WiFi which it did. Searche...

Biggus64 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Learning Thermostat wiring

I am currently replacing the old Honeywell thermostat with the nest learning thermostat. But compared with the regular 5-wire thermostat, I have more wires as follows: The current wiringThere are 8 wires in total:1. y2/w2 are jumped2. white wire is c...

BrandonLi by Community Member
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