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My Nest Thermostat is Stuck!

After a power outage my Nest Thermostate is stuck in “Disconnecting from Wi-Fi” mode. I’ve tried everything And I am unable to fix this- Does anyone know how to fix this?

BethK by Community Member
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Cameras offline frequently

So for the last few years our Nest Hello and our other Nest cameras would frequently go offline. I had read in other forums that this was a common issue. A couple years ago I made a failed attempt to bridge my internet provider's wireless modem/route...

AJ_IOOF by Community Member
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Nest WiFi Point Connection issues

Hey everyone. I recently installed a Nest Router and two points in my house. My house is roughly 2000 sq ft with three floors. I have since put the router in the living room on the main floor, and one point, one wall away, roughly 20 ft away, and t...

48F9C1BE-7888-4C14-B84D-FE9ADB6880F6.jpeg 803B31F4-F074-4183-B58B-A08BB46E018D.png

Connect Wi-Fi

I changed the password on my WIFI and i need to scan the code to re-connect. The issue is mine is mounted at the top of my house with no easy way to scan the code or see the code. My camera is a 1st generation. Is there a way for me to connect with a...

Myrian by Community Member
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2nd thermostat

Upstairs thermostat is set to cooling but hot air is blowing out from the vents. Please help!

JamelW by Community Member
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Nest Aware doorbell wired generation one

I have a 1st generation Nest Hello which has failed. So I bought a new one and set it up, I will actually install it tomorrow. I have a Nest Aware account. I want to delete the old unit and add the new one which came up with a free trial. But of cour...

Comsguy by Community Member
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