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Can I add my dog to familiar faces library?

I was just wondering if I could add my dog to my familiar faces library for notifications of when he's on the front porch in case one of the kids let's him out by mistake. Thank you!

tristens by Community Member
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Not Connected

I have 2 nest learning thermostats, a month ago one stopped connecting to my Wi-Fi and will not reconnect. It cannot see any networks to connect to. Furthermore when I select network it freezes for a few minutes. Battery level is good. Still connecte...

Wicko by Community Member
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Heatlink failed

Hi,My nest heatlink appears to have failed overnight. No powercuts as I have a UPS that would have told me. It is unresponsive to the button, power cycle does nothing and no lights on the front at all. If I plug the USB in under the faceplate it ligh...

MartinS1 by Community Member
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Chromecast gltchy streaming issues

We're having different issues with our new Chromecast with Google TV - things we never experienced with our previous, very old Chromecast.One streaming service (Peacock) is always glitchy. Every 5 minutes or so the show freezes and starts to...not su...

glono by Community Member
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Thermonstat Gen 3 - trouble with schedule and boost

We have a Nest thermostat. Gen 3. The heating (radiators) work fine - following the schedule etc.We are having trouble with the water. The water is schedule is due to heat twice a day. But the afternoon is hit or miss whether it does (more often not)...

Squorn by Community Member
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Help with 6 wires installation

I have a nest 3rd generation thermostat and my house has six wires. Yellow in Y1, Green in G, Orange in OB, White in W, Blue in C, and Red in RH. What am I doing wrong I keep getting either no cool setting or wiring or power issue. Please help. Thank...

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