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Nest hello wired door bell

Nest hello wired installed on nest app linked to google app does not show on google app both on Same email and password, nest thermostat operates on both apps also unable to link hello to nest aware any ideas was working ok until power cut other week

Eric75 by Community Member
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Using thermostat without power

There is currently a power outage in my area and everything I have read so far says that the thermostat should still work, but I can't manually set the temperature. I just get a E195 error which means no power, which makes sense. My wire layout is ju...

_David_ by Community Member
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Nest thermostat not blowing cold air

Just installed a new Nest Learning Thermostat from an older Honeywell. I followed wiring diagrams but the unit is now not blowing cold air when the a/c is on. Heat is work fine. Not sure what the issue is.

image.jpg image.jpg 034B4B84-31E6-4885-8FA2-B97D762A3E96.jpeg
Ewade5785 by Community Member
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