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Nest keeps saying "Sorry, I don't understand"

For some reason whenever I try to play music on my nest audio, it says "sorry, I don't understand" and just won't play the music, and its also failing to execute basic commands and saying "sorry, I don't understand". My nest was bought recently and k...

Liamd by Community Member
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Groups on Nest Hubs stopped working AGAIN

Following on from this post I have two Nest Hubs and three Mini Speakers. I have a group consisting of the Nest Hubs and one of the mini speakers. Asking to play a radio station for example on any of the Mini Speakers starts the radio on the whole gr...

gtext by Community Member
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Dynamic IP address for chromecast

I’ve just changed my internet from NBN (Australia) to 5G broadband with IiNet. Chrimecast worked perfectly on min but isn’t working with 5g. I’ve been told by iiNet that I need to change chromecast IP address from static to dynamic, does this sound r...

Getting lock to work with Google assistant on watch

Just got the nest lock on my door. Gotta say, pretty disappointed. If I open the Google Home app on my watch, I can lock and unlock the door by pressing the device. If I tell assistant on my phone to lock or unlock the door it'll do it. But when I us...

Alucci87 by Community Member
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Home away not working

I’ve had my thermostat since I bought it and it always says away. I switch it to home and then I’ll go check my app and it’ll go back to away. I touch the thermostat to get it to see I’m home, still in away. I have it set to use my Bluetooth location...

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