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Can’t add or remove device.

Have three (3) existing camera accessed thru Nest app and old username and password. Bought new Nest Doorbell / Camera requiring Google Home app for setup. Doorbell / Camera is installed and working. Can’t “add device”, the three old existing cameras...

Finding locations for curated art images on the Google Nest

I love my Google Nest for many reasons. One cool thing is the beautiful photos taken from around the globeI would love to know where those locations, from these images, are in the world. Thankfully, the artist are credited for their images. Any thoug...

fotojane by Community Member
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unrecognized fee from Google Nest

I just had an unrecognized fee on my credit card for Google Nest. 2/28/23 $63.96 I let my subscription expire for the extra coverage from the initial installation. I'm satisfied with the basic free service.

New phone, not getting motion notifcations now

Just got a new iPhone, got everything set up (presence aware working great!) and previously (on old phone) I was getting notifications when there was motion. (Dogs at home) I've gone through about every tutorial and for some reason I'm not getting an...

Linking Nest thermostat to Nest App

Hello, I can’t access my Nest thermostat on my Nest App any longer and not sure what changed. I don’t believe I ever migrated my nest account to Google and was trying to do that but when I attempt to log in through Nest I get a wrong password message...

CD03 by Community Member
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Where has all the video news gone?

So this morning I sit down to breakfast & watch the video news on the Max & all the sources I selected in the Home app as having a video feed many years ago, now appear to be audio only. e.g. DW Newsbrief, CNBC Tech Check, Sky News etc. Is Google no ...

zxdan by Community Member
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