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New Wi-Fi - cannot connect my doorbell

Hi, I have been using my doorbell for a few months - no issues. I just updated my Wi-Fi (new router) and my doorbell won’t connect using the QR code that came with my device. I’ve tried about 10 times with no luck - app won’t connect. Please help!

andreaeoc by Community Member
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Philips Hue account won’t link again

Hello!I have been having this issue for months and nothing I’ve tried has fixed it. My Philips Hue lights suddenly stopped working through Google Home. I thought maybe I would try to unlink / relink my account and maybe that would help. But now I hav...

Google Mini not locating Chromecast Audio

My wifi went down due to someone unplugging a cable...and I've re-connected all devices to the same network I'm unable to have to have my Google Mini play music to the Chromecast Audio ( I used to be able to say "hey google, play music on Denon" (Den...

Google Nest Hub Max - Not able to log in to google

I recently purchased a Google Nest Hub Max and although it appears to have my Google profile photo on it - when I try to add an app it requires me to log in. Then, it won't let me log in. It says "couldn't sign you in" the browser or app may not be s...

JeanneM by Community Member
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Issues with Next thermostat genegation 1/2

My Nest thermostat suddenly went off line. Stated I had WiFi issues, which I did not. It asked to be linked to HeatLink which I hit by mistake and now I cannot get back to the screens I used to have access to. I went through the help and removed prod...

G133s0n by Community Member
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Can’t add or remove device.

Have three (3) existing camera accessed thru Nest app and old username and password. Bought new Nest Doorbell / Camera requiring Google Home app for setup. Doorbell / Camera is installed and working. Can’t “add device”, the three old existing cameras...

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