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Nest Cameras no longer picking up activity

I have several Nest cameras set-up outdoors. They've been there for over a year and are used to monitor my pets outside as well as other critters that end up invading the space of my pets. Anyway, up until recently Nest was fairly decent at picking u...

Morning routines

I have had the NPR news brief as part of morning routine for years, stay starting with nest mini and now a Nest hub max. While it's still listed and selected in app, it is not playing. Couldn't find a reboot option in app, but have unplugged several ...

Jilly by Community Member
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Google nest camera (wired) - wire broken

My puppy has chewed through the camera wire. Is it possible to replace this element of the camera or is it possible to get a replacement if still under warranty? I have tried filling out the support form already, however, have not heard back / had an...

gmcg by Community Member
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Google Nest Mini - Reminders Not Working

Hi, I have a 2nd gen nest mini. Whenever I try and set a reminder it reminds me by sending me a push notification on my iPhone and not by verbally saying it. The nest mini doesn’t even light up the one circle as it is meant to. I have been reading a ...

SofieS by Community Member
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learning thermostat

hi i have had a nest stat fitted (with a new boiler) since jan 23 last week the thermostat would not connect to the wifi, as it was under warranty it was replaced this morning. however since then it is blinking green then shows the house icon and it ...

tonyd123 by Community Member
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Google TV support for nest audio speakers?

Hi, can anyone advise if google tv has been updated yet to support video playback on one device (such as a projector) whilst streaming audio to external speakers (in my case a pair of nest audio speakers). I see plenty of talk about the feature "comi...

sb_5576 by Community Member
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