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Nest wifi needs frequent restarts to maintain wifi speeds

I have a Nest AC2200 mesh system of a router and one point (model # GA00822) in a 2 story, 800 sq ft townhome. My internet is 1gb service on Cox cable with a Cox supplied Panorama modem. It is set to "bridge mode", so it's not putting out a competing...

BobfromCO by Community Member
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I don't have wi fi

I live alone and don't need or have a wi fi router.How do I set up a chromecast device without a wi fi?I did it once before but I reset my chromecast and can't get it working now.

TheJames by Community Member
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Nest doorbell (battery) dies within days

I received a replacement Nest Doorbell (Battery) about 2 months ago after a previous device stopped working and was replaced by Google for being defective/faulty. The replacement device arrived in December and the device’s battery life is remarkably ...

Jason7 by Community Member
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group doesnt work most of the time

I created a group so I would have music throughout the house. Lately, the group only works a small percentage of the time. Google home will acknowledge the task when i say play on group but will say " something went wrong, try again" and will continu...

Wont connect

My chromcast tv is connect to the same wifi as my phone but the tv won’t show up as an option to connect on my phone. it only shows my upstairs tv not downstairs.

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