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Chromecast with Google TV no longer turns on

My chromecast with Google tv no longer turns on when pressing the power button. The only way I can get it to turn back on is to unplug it and reset. This is somewhat difficult because it’s behind the mounted tv. At first I was just having audio issue...

Nesthub Gen 2 not connect my home Wfi

Hi:Yesterday I received an update for my Nest Hub Gen 2. After installing, it stop working, I've tried reconfigure by reseting data but it never finish to add to app home, fail to connect wifi or fail link my account.Please, can someone I help me?

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Audio issues

HiI have my chromecast plugged into my tv. And recently the audio just doesn't work at all when i start a tv show from an app via Google tv. It returns if i unplug the chromecast and plug it back in again, but it is really annoying having to do that ...

Aagaard by Community Member
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Nest camera (battery) not recording 24/7

Nest camera (battery) not recording 24/7. I have Nest Aware Plus and I have plugged it in the the waterproof google nest cord adapter. I was told by Google that this would record 24/7 as long as I had nest aware plus. However, it does not record 24/7...

ssmarnold by Community Member
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Speaker Group Error

Speaker Group Error : ( error0.) Google Nest and Google Nest Mini.

Thereth by Community Member
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