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First and second generation Nest camera's

It's a year now that I accidentally bought a new Nest camera which didn't integrate into the Nest product landscape at all. All the while Google has promised a lot but never actually done something:When will all cameras and smoke detectors be integra...

taas by Community Member
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Going on vacation in Europe

I’m from the US and will be going on vacation in Europe, will I be able to access my nest thermostat and other devices from Europe via Google Home? Thanks

Rocco1 by Community Member
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Replace router

Hi.I would like to replace my Google Nest Wifi router with a 3rd party router (Asus, Netgear etc), but would like to keep all my settings and smart devices that I have in my Google Home app.Is that possible? And can all non-Google routers be used in ...

TRHANSEN by Community Member
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Energy history is a couple of days behind

Cjeckong the energy hostory on the nest apps its two days behind i can’t see yesterdays usage only the day before yesterday (and earlier shows up) i see others with the same issues but i don’t see any satisfactory answers or solutions just locked thr...

Help! I cannot connect to my google nest mini!

Hello,for some reason a couple of days ago, my google nest mini just stopped being connected to wifi. No idea why. I tried to reconnect it using google home. Spent a couple of hours last night trying to fix it by following all the troubleshooting ste...

Soaraway by Community Member
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