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CYNC light bulbs going offline with Google Nest.

I've moved housing and i am resetting up my Google Nest network. Performed a factory reset and firmware updates on all devices. My Cync light bulbs will install fine, but then go immediately offline and become unresponsive. Help?

Voice command. I longer working for Nest Thermomstat

I try to use voice commands for my google home display and mini for my thermostat snd they’ve stopped working. The only reason I bough the mini was to control my thermostat through voice. Please help me fix. This started after the Google app was upda...

Jls0703 by Community Member
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Speaker Group

Ive tried to include my Nest Hub in a speaker group, but I don't have the option? Ideas?

Sweet_T by Community Member
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New fiber internet -- Nest wifi drops out constantly

I have the Google Nest mesh wifi, purchased at Costco in I believe 2020. Router and three points. It worked brilliantly right away with my cable internet from Optimum.Last week Optimum installed their fiber internet at my home with a new fiber modem....

aphillips by Community Member
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How to remove old phones from account

I have a google nest that I often use to call my own phone or my wife's to locate them. Whenever I say "Hey google call my phone" It rattles off a long list of every phone I have ever owned or signed into even once. I want to remove these from the ac...

you cannot edit these settings right now

latest version off the Google Home app doesnt seem to support Google Wifi setup.If I click on "WAN Connection" under "Advanced Settings", I get the message "You cannot edit these settings right now. Ensure this mobile device is connected to your Wi-F...

giulia17 by Community Member
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Google wifi only seeing one device

We set up a Google wifi mesh with 3 points in our house. My husband set it up on his iPhone and the app shows great connectivity at each point and he has great service on his phone. However, when looking at the data usage on the Google home app, only...

Gc6 by Community Member
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