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Can't link xiaomi home and google home anymore

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I'm able to link my xiaomi home account and my google assistant.

When i try, i got a error message that tell me this :

could not reach mi home, please try again.

Tried to reboot the phone, uninstall/reinstall Xiaomi home app and google home app.

It suddenly stop to work so i deleted the link between the 2 account and now i can't make the setup again, always the same error message.


Any tips please ?


Thank you.

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It's working in Samsung's app, but I can't link it to Google Home

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As wrote below, I found the Samsung SmartThings as mitigation and it worked for me. What's the issue you are facing? Did you succeeded to connect the SmartThings account to your Google Home?

Same here in the philippines

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Same here in Singapore since few days ago. Hey Google, please fix the bug.

Me too at Hong Kong

Same here HK

Me too, last night, I did unlink and cannot link Mi Home to Google Home, 😞


Same problem in Spain. Mi Home is useless from Google since yesterday.

Igual, no va. Google fix It, please

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Found another on going thread on the issue-

Some are using the Samsung SmartThings as mitigation to bypass the problematic direct integration between Mi Home and Google Home. I just validated it and it worked for me either.

Although I prefer it to be direct integration at least now I have mitigation, still waiting for the official solution.

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Oh, Okay, thanks bro, I will do this for temporary solution,  I prefer also the Mi Home app

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Thank you very much, great workaround

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It also worked for me. 

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Yes, it works temporarily. Thanks for your great advice

Not working here too. Don't see mi home in Samsung Smartthings, how do you guys do?

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I have only Xiaomi smart bulbs, so I used the SmartThings integration with Yeelight which use the Mi account, and it automatically identified my 3 bulbs in the SmartThings. After that I added SmartThings in Google Home.

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It doesn't show any device of Yeelight (but login under xiaomi )from me 😞

Check my post. You have to download a modified app.

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Whats the name of the app ??

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How about other Xiaomi Products like Fans?

Did this too. I have Mi Smart Plugs that don't show, not sure I can get those plugs in yeelight

Same here in Germany. My lights were shown offline in the Google Home App, but online in Xiaomi App.

I have an Alexa Speaker. Linked it to the Amazon device, works flawlessly.


But i dont want to use Amazon.


Please fix this Google 🙂

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Same in Portugal... 

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Same here in Indonesia. Error since 2nd November.

The Samsung workaround does work for the Yeelight Bulbs, but not for my 3 Mi Smart Plugs WiFi 😞

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Yes, only bulb... 

Same here in taiwan 

I got this issue today, I hope that it will be fixed soon.

Same in Germany

Same problem bro! Since yesterday! 

Exactly the same here from Portugal 


It's been more than 48 hours now..

@GoogleNestTeam please update by when the issue will be resolved? 

It works now in spain

The issue has been resolved now.

I followed below steps:

1. Clear app data for Google Home and Mi Home apps

2. Uninstall Google Home and Mi Home

3. Reinstall Google Home app

4. Go to setting on Google Home app and select Works with Google

5. Search for Mi Home

6. Enter credentials for Mi Account and you will be able to see the devices from Mi Home listed

7. You can now install Mi Home app again (optional step, the devices from Mi Home added to Google Home will work from Step 6)

It has nothing to do with all these steps, is just google fix the service now... I have done this when I 1st reply to this post and not working at all... Now I just reconnect without doing anything and it work ... It is more due to google ... not having any relation with setup

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No es posible conectar la cuenta de Mi Home de Xiaomi al Google Home, dice que hay error de conexión. Por favor verificar y arreglar. Ya no es posible controlar dispositivos Xiaomi desde el Google Home.

Tengo el mismo problema, hace un par de días no estaba conectándose a la ampolleta y revisando las configuraciones decidí desvincular y volver a vincular cuenta Xiaomi pero me sale el mismo error

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resuslta imposible conectar google home con todos los dispositivos que tengo en Mi home

Me pasa lo mismo, he desinstalado ambas apps y ahora me da error al tratar de enlazar mi home con Google assistant

I cannot connect also my Mi Home with Google Home 😞