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Philips Hue lamp control via OK Google

Community Member

I have a first generation Google Nest Hub and have been quite pleased how it has connected to the devices in my house. I recently purchased three Philips Hue smart lamps for my lounge and managed to connect them to my nest where they responded together or individually ro my "hey Google' commands for turning on, off or dimming. I did notice that sometimes a lamp did not respond and I got a message saying "sorry, your device is not avaliable at the moment". Switching the lamp off and then on again at the light switch generally sorted the proble. However two nights ago the lamps would  not respond to Google and the nest reported that the lamps were not ready. I checked that the lamps were not faulty by installing the Philips Hue app. I do not have a "bridge" for the devices as I was told this is not necessary on the new lamps. These worked satisfactorily using Bluetooth  using my mobile phone. However I can't get the voice control back via Google or reinstall them on my nest. I have discussed the problem with Google Home Support and we could not resolve the issue, which has now been elevated to senior support. Have any of you in this community also experienced a problem with Google controlling smart lamps? I would be grateful to hear of any fixes.