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Google Home Update (Spring 2024): More ways to control your smart home than ever... Read more

Controlling volume for multiple speakers in the Google Home app Read more

Now Available: Google Nest Warranty Helper Read more

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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum Posts

How long a media alarm runs

When I run a media alarm it stops after 5 mins.It is supposed to run for 10 mins.I need it to run for the 10 mins of the 7am news.Is it adjustable?

Remove household routine

Hello! Is it possible to remove or disable the household routines named "home" and "away"I want the speakers to stop playing music when i leave the home so i created a custom routine, when i use the custom routine the Google assistant then asks me if...

Christian by Community Member
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Too hard ot manage albums for Ambient mode if you have many

I have hundred of albums and I would like to select only some of them for ambient mode on my Chromecast.The first problem is that the order that the albums are listed is very random. Evem if you select Last Updated as the order, it shows only some of...

Resolved! Home/Away missing (routines)

I have just set Google Home (I was using Samsung's Smart Things) and I wanted to set Home/Away routines triggered by location (when the user arrives) but I do not have that starter in the routines.I do NOT have the bubble that says "Set up Home/Away ...

GhostNinja by Community Member
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Continued conversation

Question about Google Assistant. Do all of devices have feature "continued conversation". If no, does xiaomi redmi note 8 pro have it? Thank you.

google home nest

I got a google home. I was to use Pintrest but ask me to sign in. I can not type on this . So how do I sign in?

mssilver by Community Member
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