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Community Specialist

Hi all,

Thank you for being a valued customer and part of the Nest family. We appreciate the opportunity you've given us to help keep your home safe and secure.

Today we have a few important updates to share about Nest Secure, Dropcam, and Works with Nest. These are all longtime Nest products that many of you have depended on to take care of what's most important, and we take your trust in them—and in us—seriously.

Over the years, we've launched new, updated products and features that deliver even more help and security for you. As we look at what it takes to support your needs going forward, it is increasingly challenging to continue to update these products given the early hardware and newer, better options available.

As members of our community, we wanted to let you know about the changes that are happening:


Nest Secure
In 2020, we announced a long-term strategic partnership between Google and ADT, a leading US security and home automation provider. With this partnership, our goal was to develop even better solutions for greater customer peace of mind and choice, including giving users the option to add new types of sensors and professional monitoring.

We believe that our partnership with ADT creates a more helpful smart home security experience to help people connect and protect what matters most - both today and in the future. So starting April 8, 2024 support will stop for Nest Secure. Until that date, all current features will remain available and you can continue using your Nest Secure as you do now. After that date, your Nest Secure will no longer be accessible in the Nest app.

We understand that changing the technology in your home is hard. To show our appreciation and help provide a smooth transition, we will give users an exclusive offer for a Self Setup System from ADT on us (up to $485 value) or $200 to use on the Google Store.

Eligible Nest Secure users have been emailed with instructions on how to redeem this offer with a unique coupon code.

We are proud to have launched Dropcam over 10 years ago, and it was one of the first smart cameras on the market. As we look at what it takes to support your home security needs going forward, it has become increasingly challenging to continue to update these products given the early hardware. So we made the difficult decision to stop support for Dropcam starting April 8, 2024.

All features will remain available until April 8, 2024. Dropcam will no longer work after that date, and you will no longer be able to use your Nest app to check status. If you wish to keep your video history, please download and save before this date.

If you are a current Nest Aware subscriber, we will be offering you a Nest Cam (indoor, wired) on us to help you keep your home secure. If you are not a Nest Aware subscriber, we're offering a 50% discount toward a new Nest Cam (indoor, wired). Nest Cam is part of our next generation of cameras with more helpful features like HDR and built-in intelligence. We hope you will continue to trust us to help you at home. Please note, your Nest Aware subscription will not be automatically canceled. It will continue to work with any other Nest Cameras in your home. We will contact eligible Nest Dropcam users with instructions on how to redeem this offer.

If you're in the US, we can help you recycle your Nest Secure and Dropcam. Our third-party recycling partner will send a postage-paid shipping label to your inbox.

Works with Nest
We created Works with Nest in 2014 as a way for smart home devices from other manufacturers to take what Nest knows and help personalize your experience, such as turning off lights when you're away. The connected home has evolved significantly in the past 10 years. In 2019 we made the decision to eventually retire Works with Nest to unify our efforts around third-party connected home devices under a single platform for developers with a focus on compatibility, security, and privacy. We extended the support for Works with Nest for the last few years, and we will officially end Works with Nest as of September 29, 2023. Until that date, all current Works with Nest connections will remain active. Starting Sept. 29, those connections will no longer work and you will lose access to them. In the coming months, for those interested, we'll make available a script editor for you to create advanced home automations that will offer new features and capabilities. We're also working closely with our partners to provide replacement integrations where possible. Learn about the changes and options available to you.

Thank you for your support
We know you might have questions about these transitions and the change they bring; please rest assured that at Google, we are building and supporting devices and services that work well together and are there for you when you need them. We hope these upgrades will help ease the transition and offer new, helpful experiences for your home.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause you, but we're committed to helping you and minimizing disruptions. If you need technical help with any of your devices, our support agents are standing by.

Thank you for being a valued customer and part of the Nest family.


The Google Nest team


Frequently asked questions:

How do I redeem the Nest Secure offer that I’m eligible for? 

Eligible users were sent an email from Nest with instructions on how to redeem their offer. These offers could only be redeemed until May 7th, 2024.


How do I redeem the Dropcam and Dropcam Pro offer that I’m eligible for? 

Eligible Dropcam users should have received an email with a unique Google Store link that they can click to redeem their offer. Using this link will automatically apply the discount at checkout. 


What if I have two or more eligible Dropcam or Dropcam Pro cameras?

If you have two or more eligible Dropcams, you can redeem the offer for up to two indoor wired Nest Cams. Please follow the instructions in the email that you should have received. After you click on the unique link in the email, you can add up to two cameras to your Google Store shopping cart and the discount will automatically be applied at checkout.


Does the end of support announcement for Dropcam include Dropcam Pro?

Yes, the end of support announcement applies to Dropcam and Dropcam Pro cameras. Eligible users should follow the offer redemption instructions in the email they should have received from Nest.


If I choose the ADT Self Setup System, can I still self monitor my home without an ADT subscription? 

Yes, eligible Nest Secure users will receive 12 months of free professional alarm monitoring with their offer, then $19.99 plus tax per month after. If you prefer to self monitor, you can cancel anytime and continue to use your ADT Self Setup System without a subscription. 


What will happen to my Nest Secure on April 8, 2024?

On April 8, 2024, your Nest Secure will no longer work. It will not be accessible in the Nest app and won’t connect to the internet. 


What will happen to my Dropcam on April 8, 2024?

On April 8, 2024, your Dropcam will no longer work. You won’t be able to use the Nest app to check the status of your Dropcam, view live streams, receive notifications, or change settings. To keep any videos from your Dropcam, please download and save them before this date. 


Does this announcement affect other Google Nest products or services?

This announcement only affects Dropcam, Dropcam Pro, Nest Secure, and Works with Nest. This announcement does not affect other Nest Cam models. If you need help determining if the camera you own is a Dropcam or Dropcam Pro, please refer to this support article.


Will this announcement impact my Nest x Yale Lock? Will I still be able to use my lock after support ends for Nest Secure?
This announcement only impacts your Nest x Yale Lock if you use Nest Guard as a bridge to connect your lock to WiFi. Once support stops for Nest Secure on April 8, 2024 you will no longer be able to use Nest Guard as a bridge to connect your lock to WiFi. As a result, you will no longer be able to lock or unlock your door using the Nest app. You will still be able to lock and unlock the door using the keypad on your Nest x Yale Lock. Until then, there is no impact.

Only a Nest Connect device will be able to connect your Nest x Yale Lock to WiFi after support for Nest Secure ends. If you currently own a Nest Connect, you may need to move it closer to your Nest x Yale Lock to connect it to WiFi.

For users that do not currently own a Nest Connect, we will provide one at no charge. We will send eligible users an email in January 2024 with instructions on how to receive a Nest Connect.


Will I need to buy a Nest Connect if I want to keep my Nest x Yale Lock connected to WiFi after support for Nest Secure ends?
If you currently use Nest Guard as a bridge to connect your Nest x Yale Lock to WiFi and do not own a Nest Connect, we will provide one at no charge . We will send eligible users an email in January 2024 with instructions on how to receive a Nest Connect at no cost.


I can’t (or don’t want to) install a Nest Connect in my home. What will happen to my Nest x Yale Lock if I don’t install a Nest Connect by April 7, 2024?
Starting April 8, 2024, only Nest Connect will be able to connect your Nest x Yale Lock to WiFi. Without a Nest Connect, you will no longer be able to lock or unlock the door using the Nest app. You will still be able to lock and unlock the door using the keypad on your Nest x Yale Lock.


Can I install a Nest Connect to use with my Nest x Yale Lock after April 7, 2024?
Yes, however you will need to factory reset your lock to use a Nest Connect as a bridge to connect your lock to WiFi . We strongly recommend installing a Nest Connect before April 7, 2024. This will ensure that you can continue to use your Nest x Yale Lock with the Nest App after April 7, 2024.

Community Member

After having spent $ 6053.79 in Google devices in the past 5 years, I have one word for you: AMAZON.

I will start transitioning all my devices to Amazon and Apple and forget about your garbage. Yes, even the Pixel phones

Community Member

I too will no longer by purchasing any home related google products.  Disappointed for sure.

Community Member

This has to be a joke. How can google just disable a product that customers spent money on? I understand no longer providing updates or providing tech support but disabling it is unacceptable. The ADT offer is garbage and doesn’t come close to matching the Nest Secure system that purchased 

Community Member

This seems to be an inferior product to what I have now. why would you take away functionality from the door sensors and go to such a large form factor for the hub. Im quite disappointed I cant continue to use all my door sensors I have now with the new hub

Community Member

Dont think even the nest smoke alarms work with this adt app this is like going backwards with smarthome tech. Who only has 2 sensors in a house? Cant you just leave the thing alone on the nest app and not offer updates

Community Member

I have a Nest Secure system I bought many years ago along with over a dozen sensors and tags, and 2 Dropcams, but have received no email from Google with the offer to replace them with the ADT system and Nestcams.


Are you going to kill all my Nest Protects next?

Community Member

Many more questions than answers provided Google!! You need to specifically list the products that will not be supported. It seems like the Nest cameras will still work (except for the two sub-products listed). What about the Nest X door lock? Poor way to alert us of the changes. Also, why not offer a picture or description of the proposed ADT alternative without having to contact a sales person? Time to switch for sure!!

Community Member

As others have stated, I'm pretty disappointed with this.   We Bought additional sensors for doors and have this all set up.  So when you say NEST SECURE is no longer supported, I assume the existing door and window sensors will no longer work also?   I bought a camera and doorbell also so these willl still work??    Seems like we need a better transition plan to replace the system and all sensors if these will no longer work

Community Member


Community Member

Are you kidding me?

The system works perfectly fine. I spent gobs of money on a high quality product from Google to secure my house. Now you’re saying it won’t work. Again, the system works fine and you literally could let it continue working as is (yes, despite your lame excuse, you absolutely could). Instead you create more e-waste by pumping more products into the market. And you want me to switch to ADT or spend $200 on more of your crap products that will become obsolete in a few years? I will do neither and will never buy an ADT or Google product again.

Congratulations, idiots.

Community Member

I just spent almost 2 HOURS on chat with Support as per the DIRECTIONS IN THIS POST from @Lazarus ... Nothing. No help at all. Told me to "reach back out when I get the email"... NOT GETTING THE EMAIL IS WHY I AM REACHING OUT!


Community Member

This pretty much screwed our investment with Nest since Google bought it over.  Google pretty much is infamous in destroying everything they touch because of their incompetent team that does not know how to integrate purchased company.  Nest owner that sold their company don't give a rat's butt and ran off with his billions of dollars offered by Google. 
Now my $1000+ invested system will go caput in a year.  I wonder how my wife is going to take as I explain to her.  Hated Google and now pretty much gonna remove all google product and move elsewhere.  Pretty much had it. 

Just grab what ever they can give and resell it for a few penny to recover from the lost.  Not much else you can do other than to submit to these big company that don't gives a rat's a$$ about us.  

Community Member

I am filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office for my state.

Community Member

This is one of the worst news that I had to encounter. I had invested heavily in the nest ecosystem to have complete control of nest-connected devices such as cams, thermostats, etc.

Can I use nest secure locally even after April 2024?


Also one of the main reason I went with Nest secure was to choose other than ADT


Community Member

I bought my nest secure system not even 3 years ago with new sensors not even longer than a year ago and now to be told that it's phasing out is RIDICULOUS.  Let me continue to monitor it on my own via wifi.  Integrate it into the Google Home app so you can ditch the nest app (which I like better anyway, but why would I be any sort of expert) since that's what they want to do.  


If I wanted ADT, I would have done that instead of Google, but I wanted all of my "smart" home products to be on the same platform.  Which is why I made the decision to purchase 2 outdoor cameras, 1 doorbell, 1 secure base alarm, and 8 sensors for doors and windows.  Not to mention my countless number of google hubs, and google home minis, plus my google tv....the list can go on and on.  I make my purchasing decisions for a reason and to offer me $200 when I've spent thousands to integrate my home is asinine.  Again, the ADT option, if I would have done that at the beginning. 



Community Member

Your offer is not fair and not acceptable. Sign me up for the class action.

Community Member

Imagine that Tesla decide to shutdown the system and suddenly you can't not drive your car, now you have to leave it on garage forever. One thing is stop the updates like some companies do (samsung, microsoft...) other thing is make your product unusable, specially because it still selling on markets and was on google stores 2 years ago! Ridiculous!!! Criminal!!!

Community Member

Fully agree with the Tesla example...

Community Member

Upon review of the Google Terms of Service, Nest Account Terms of Service, and Nest Additional Terms of Service, nowhere does it state Google or its subsidiaries reserve the right to terminate service except when a user is in violation of aforementioned terms. In fact, service interruptions are limited explicitly to temporary events. I'm curious, does Google really think its customers are so dumb as to not see the obvious anti compete / antitrust exploit with this? I'm also curious if Google had any intention notifying its previous professional monitoring "partner". I originally subscribed to professional monitoring with Moni who later became Brinks Home. I have maintained professional monitoring since installing my Nest Secure in 2018. There is no information available as the the expiration of service using Nest Secure with Brink Home. Hence my suspicion of anti compete / antitrust practices at play here.

I too will gladly join any class action lawsuit and will also be reporting this to my States AG, the Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Reports.

Thoughts anyone?

Community Member

Can you share what you write, to report to States AG, the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Reports? So we can copy it and start reporting also in our States... Thanks!

Community Member

@rGuida79   It’ll likely take me a week or two, but I will gladly share.

There’s a little hidden detail that I want to verify as part of this. My suspicion is that more Nest products will be unusable and become obsolete as part of this partnership. Notice how ADT only references support for the latest cameras and thermostat models. Beyond the obvious, personally this would be especially difficult to adopt their proposed solution as my HVAC is only compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat and not the Nest Thermostat as I have a 2 stage furnace and AC with a whole home dehumidifier.

Community Member

I just talked to Google Support and all my Nest Devices will stop working because there is no more nest secure to control the devices with nest app. I asked if I will still be able to use my Nest devices to transition to ADT and Google Support said, no. I don't think $485 is enough to get the same amount of Nest cameras, doorbell camera, and sensors. How is this even allowed?

Community Member

This is deeply disappointing news, especially on the Nest Secure side.

You are inducing a signficant amount of unnecessary e-waste. The physical hardware works. The devices work great. They're well designed, and can probably easily work for another 10 years or more. EOLing them is simply because of laziness, greed, or both. 

Replacing them with an objectively worse option is even more galling. The "Smart Home Hub" is enormous, and does nothing that the Nest Guard doesn't already do. We lose the blended motion sensor/door sensor simplicity of the Nest Detects. And if the integration with my Nest x Yale lock to disarm the house doesn't persist, I'll be extremely upset.

But worse, Google could make this right if anyone there had courage. Google could simply make the Home app work with the Nest Guard and Detect hardware. They could write firmware that allows the Nest Guard to communicate with ADT instead of Brinks. 

But what's happening here is:

  • Google is EOLing the Nest app, obviously essentially a year from now or thereabouts
  • Google doesn't want to invest time and money and energy into adding the appropriate sensor, alarm status, and alarm configuration flows into the Home app
  • Not least of all because Google made an odd and stupid $400 million investment into ADT, that either contractually drove them to not offer a competing product or otherwise perverse incentives this behavior
  • So instead we have a sub-par replacement that is bulky and poorly conceived, and reverts us back to separate motion and door sensors, none of which are as nicely and gracefully designed as the Nest Secure system (missing the quiet exit feature, for example)
  • And instead we have induced e-waste: we are being told to throw away perfectly good hardware that functions exactly how it should for no reason.

I understand wanting to leave the Nest app behind, and because the Nest app is required for so much of the functionality, it's easier to just throw the baby out with the bathwater, but this is a supremely annoying and yet another Google-kills-a-product-people-have-and-love, and for people who have spent thousands on their installs, it's even more galling to get a slap in the face offer of 2 door/window sensors and a whole single motion sensor. Ridiculous. 

It's also a deeply frustrating decision from an e-waste perspective, from a company that touts its commitment to the environment. You can solve this problem with software, and avoid creating literal tons of hardware landfill.


Community Member

Google should make it compatible with Smart Life app and Allow us to be able to control our equipment instead of bricking them.  I guess I should of realized that they weren't improving the Nest equipment anymore when we were asking them to not lock the dead bolt on the x Yale lock when sensor knows door is open.  Count me in on class action.

Community Member

This is unfortunate!

Can someone explain whether the system would be completely unusable after April 2024 or can it still be used locally without the app?

Also, for us that live outside of the US (I live in the EU), we will be getting nothing right (no replacement or store credit)?

Community Member

This is insane!

My order for Nest Cam was cancelled and Support Service won't help...

Community Member

The fact that one of the prior commenters (thank you @boney300 ) confirmed with ADT that the Nest Detect sensors will not be compatible, is what is upsetting to me the most. Google did an additional production run less than two years ago where existing system owners rushed to buy additional sensors (in my case planning for a future move) and are now going to be stuck with bricks. There is no reason that ADT and Google can not make this new system backwards compatible for these sensors. These were the selling point for me containing both the magnetic AND motion sensor, and in my opinion, the best sensor on the market (also have always been a fan of Nest's integrated night lights from the smoke detectors and the Detect sensors.)

That being said, to pump the market with selling devices to knowingly be bricked in 3 years is horrid, additionally it is illegal in many states. Implied Warranty laws are in place for a reason, to prevent deceptive acts such as this.

So to Google and ADT, I would say this. Making the Detect sensors compatible with the new ADT hub will be ALOT less expensive (and will make a lot more of your current customers happy) then a class action lawsuit. Period. What ever happened to "Do no evil."?

Community Member

Sad day. I will never pay a subscription for something that once was free. I need to travel back in time a fix what Google has done wrong.

Community Member

Does the adt app work if I dont pay monthly after 12 months?
Why cant you source the google sensors to adt this system doesnt have glass break, motion detection, or half the features of the nest door sensor?

Community Member

Google - You owe me $4,611.11 and I expect to receive it no later than March 1, 2024.  You have drifted far from your original "Don't Be Evil" motto. 

Community Member

Amazon or apple it is then. Bye Google

Community Member

Commenting for visibility to any Google personnel who will hopefully monitor this thread at some point: I purchased my Nest Secure in the US but due to a home move now it is installed and operational in Europe. As many others in this post, my total purchase amount exceeds the compensation offered - I paid $542.20 (excluding installation). I expect the total purchase price to be refunded, as now I will have to swap out all system components at today's market prices which will exceed this initial amount. The system works perfect for my needs and I am forcibly put in a position by Google to seek an alternative and incur this cost so it is the least they should do to relief this financial burden. Strong arming us to either take a store credit or go with the new partner provider is unacceptable as they seem to be unreliable in keeping long term promises and therefore I am unwilling to opt for either of the 2 alternatives. The only way I see a good resolution to this mess is a full refund of the purchase amount.

Community Member

I've spent $ thousands on Google's eco-system since 2015. It is extremely disappointing to read the nonchalant Google's message, especially since Google has ALWAYS  announced that Nest app will go away BUT everything would be integrated into Google's Home app - and folks CONTINUED to purchase your products. Now you are screwing the MOST LOYAL group of Google's tech users. Disgusting. 


Allows us to locally control everything AS IS via WiFi. Or reimburse us for absolutely everything that will not any longer function after April 2024 such as sensors, Nest Protects, Yale Door Locks, etc. The ability to silence the sensors, and disarm the alarm with the Yale locks are a few of the many features that made Nest Secure superior to ADT.

PS I won't even go into how insultingly small that ADT credit is....  and the real monthly ADT price is $34.99 + fees + taxes with Nest Aware , right?

Community Member

When the law will stop Google's ambitions and unscrupulous steps? The ADT gadgets that they're trying to sell is worse and obsolete, so there's no reason to shutdown Nest/Yale; it's working perfect and better!

If you take a minute you'll realize that all the Googles products (Google Wifi, Home/Max/Mini speakers...) lose functionality along the time (Sonos lawsuit)... In summary, Google don't care about the customers (check this community) they are only interested in causing a "garbage avalanche" (easy money) with broken products/bad update/no fix/no support/negligent conduct...

Community Member

Same comment as many here. We spent $800 on the Nest Secure and Detect sensors, not to mention cameras and smoke detectors. 

Google needs to support these devices or open source the code. 

Super disappointed in the lack of customer support here.

Community Member

Read through a lot of of comments. Not sure anyone seems to know but trying to understand the implications for Nest x Yale lock. In the Google home app there currently is essentially zero functionality other than lock and unlock... I can't assign guest codes and limit hours etc. Does Google plan to improve this? Or are we just screwed. 

Community Member

I have 2 active dropcam cameras , but my email link only gives me 1 for replacement . Kindly assist 

Community Member

This is ridiculous, they seem to be going out of their way to upset the users who advise others to buy Google products. I can't suggest to anyone that they purchase a Google product anymore.


This new ADT system is a budget system that requires us to put additional sensors everywhere and that is why I didn't go with ADT etc in the first place. Just remove the professional monitoring option and integrate the secure into the Google app. If people want professional monitoring then move to ADT.

If this goes ahead I will be moving away from Google and advising people when their phone contracts are up or are looking to invest in smart home products to stay away from Google.


If Google are willing to put people's homes and families at risk so they can get some extra money out of folks then they are not the company I thought they were. 


Community Member

Just adding my disappointment to the dozens of other commenters. Absolutely ridiculous that I've spent thousands of dollars to maintain a whole house google ecosystem, and now you're disabling a good chunk of that ecosystem. I understand not supporting the old equipment, but bricking it is unethical. And the replacement option is a joke. I've supported google for years, and this is a bad mark for sure. Very disappointed in how this is being handled. Shameful.

Community Member

I spent days adding outlets for cameras, installing locks, setting up and testing sensors and thousands of dollars. I put this system in after an incident, not because it was a toy we wanted. After only a few years Google’s going to brick a perfect good and expensive system? Google knows they’re in breech and offering the lamé alternative hoping to con as many as possible to take their “offer”, giving up their rights to fair compensation. This looks like something Matt Stoller would be interested in reporting on….

Community Member

Just cancelled nest aware because this is not acceptable, my nest devices are all going on ebay. 

Community Member

Like others here, I have spent several thousand dollars on this security system and it's components.  I am in Canada, so it appears I get zero compensation (not that I would be ok with this even if I was in the US and getting forced into an ADT system, maybe just ever-so-slightly-less outraged that at least I was offered SOMETHING).  It's your right to say that you are no longer supporting a product (though this is more than a little disturbing after the run of new Detect sensors that I and many others were sold on less than two years ago), but to brick an entire system that is fully functional?  Why not at least leave it a) functioning over wifi, and/or b) open the source code?


I feel like you literally sold me a product - or rather, an entire suite of products - and are now entering into my home to destroy it.  In no other context would it ever be acceptable for a vendor to sell me their products, then come into my home, and destroy my fully functional purchase.  I do not understand how this can even be legal, but it certainly isn't ethical.

Community Member

Hey Google social media team- These non-answers are really getting frustrating. The answer implies that Nest Connect “won’t be affected” but its only purpose is to connect the Nest Secure keypad to the Nest Detect sensors! 

The description above makes it sound like the Nest Secure won’t work after Apr 2024, which would make my Nest Connects and Nest Detects also useless. Is that correct?



Community Member

I don’t get it. Ok Google you suck, you clearly don’t care about us Secure users, the hardware and software. We are passionate and love the style and intervention and our massive investment. Just sell off the app and hardware to a competing company so it will keep us happy. Or better yet sell off ALL Nest devices to a company that will not phuck us like you did and just stick to your **bleep** search engine that you monitor and block information you don’t want people to see. You evil hacks. 

Community Member

Truly disappointed with Google. 

I spent over $1k on these Nest Secure products in 2020 and now my system is rendered completely useless in 2024. With the current economic climate, inflation, pending recession worries, Google is laying some garbage news of this Nest Secure cancellation. Its one thing if Google stopped support for the Nest Secure, but to kill the product and force you to throw it away, Come on Google! Please think about your customers who are spending the money!!! Larry and Sergey is this what you have created, completely robbing people???? Do Something that ethically correct!!!!!! 

Community Member

I would not mind this as much if the google home app even came close to the nest app. The nest app is far superior with the ability to view your whole history and create/save clips etc. The website is also great and does more than the app. You can see all your history not just what the "smart"  cam thinks it hears or sees motion. It misses so much that way when you dont get to see the whole history and save those clips. Also the slow motion and fast speed clips were a nice option. It looks like i will be losing a lot of quality with this change to a very terrible google home app. I guess ill have to drop my nest aware subscriptions and sell what cams i can to get better service elsewhere. Wil be moving away from anything connected to google. If you make changes like this be sure the new is better than the old. In this case it is all very inferior. 

Community Member

Google kills Nest ! I’m using Nest products for many years and I’m still happy with their design and capabilities. This cannot be legal! I’m from Europe and now I have to call to US to redeem the new ADT system.

Hey Google,better leave Nest users to decide if they want something else or not!

Don’t force us to have changes we don’t want!

Not applicable

@Ati1 Google confirmed to me that they will not allow those outside the US to redeem any offers. 

Community Member

I just called the magic number I got in the mail to redeem the ADT System but it’s not working at all,it rings once than stopes😡.


How can we claim our right to have this Adt system from Europe? 

Not applicable

@Ati1 You can't. Google will need to be legally forced (unless it reverses this decision)