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Community Specialist

Hey everyone, 


Stay cool for the summer with our monthly recap. With Summer bringing the heat, our community is bringing the sweet treats! Check out blogs you may have missed and all the fun happening on socials!



The latest Nest updates are coming in hot. Check out the latest updates on your devices just in time for summer on our latest blog.


Catch up on the latest update for Nest x Yale Lock and Nest Detect users that use Nest Hub Max as a Range Extender. 


Having device activation troubles?  A small number of you using Pixel phones in the US may be unable to set up devices at this time. Read more about why and a few steps you can take to help set up. 


Annual Product Expert Summit:

We had a great time at the annual PE summit in NYC. As a product expert, you get to hang out with Google Employees, enjoy educational breakout sessions, shop Google Merch and much more. Learn more about becoming a PE and all the fun perks when you join.


Social shout-out:

Techno Vibes: Techno but make it dinosaur! See the video on Twitter:


Shop Google: New store in NYC! Check it out on Twitter:

Community shout-out:

Thanks to @JillG for helping our community member @Zed with their reboot question. Needing to reboot can seem a little scary, but  getting an answer from the community can make all your worries melt away. Remember, a reboot will just restart the device, and everything should be up and running smoothly. Thanks for lending a helping hand!



Shout out to @Cathal_S for being one of our top kudos community Product Experts! And thank you to all our community members for helping each other out this month. 


Get to know your community:

Share a fun fact, tell us your favorite food, song or movie, or any interesting fact about yourself. We’re all about community here and getting to know each other a little better will bring great ​​camaraderie.


How to tell other community members about yourself.

  1. Sign in to your community account. 
  2. Go to My Settings > Personal Profile > Personal Information.
  3. Enter information about yourself in the Biography field.
  4. Click Save. 



The Google Nest team

Community Member

Does anyone know how to manage access your family has in Google home? 
we recently added our kids but they are now managers like we are. I don’t want them to be managers but it does not allow me to change them. 


I don't think "the latest Nest updates are coming in hot". This article describes the lack of progress on the Nest camera lineup:

Community Member


Community Member

Despite promises from Google management, the Google Home app, compared to the Nest app, is still complete abomination. I know Google is one of the largest companies on the planet -- so they can pretty much do whatever they want and folks have little choice but to follow along -- but at least put some effort in to not having your "new all-inclusive" app be excruciatingly clunky and limited. It is like Google let some underperforming interns write it as a summer project. You are burning down the ecosystem Nest did a great job building.

Community Member

I purchased my Google Nest Mini in Canada, which has 110 volt electricity and I am going to live in Indonesia where the electricity is 220 volt. Will I need a converter or is the Nest Mini compatible with Asian electricity as well?  Tx

Community Member

Ladies and gentleman we must all give kudos to Google for month 2 of of their empty self hype.  Notice in the last two blog posts there is zero substance.  The only thing is they post is self wonderfulness yet to the end users specifically nest there is zero content. Google please sell nest to a company that Can and will grow the product, you’ve proved your point.  Google is a data mining company and this endeavor is an abomination!

Community Member


Community Member

hey google nest community hope you'r doing well I don't think "the latest Nest updates are coming in hot". This article describes the lack of progress on the Nest camera