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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey Google Nest Community,


It’s pretty safe to say that climate change will remain a key topic in 2023, so as we prepare for a new year, we want to make sure you’re prepared for an “electric future”: finding new ways to keep the air clean, grow renewable energy, and improve your daily life. The Nest Renew team just posted two great blogs about preparing for an electric future and clean energy. 


Check out the latest Nest Renew blog: Embracing an Electric Future to learn more about how you can prepare for an electric future. It includes details about electric vehicles (EV’s), induction cooktops, and heat pumps, which are just a few of the most common ways to electrify your lifestyle to help fight climate change and even save you money.


Another interesting read: Our homes can all be power plants. Virtual Power Plants use advanced software to essentially mimic the impact of a traditional power plant but are able to reduce the amount of energy needed to keep the grid in balance. Smart thermostats, like Nest thermostats, can be a key to VPPs because they can respond to signals to shift their energy usage.


We want to know how you are fighting climate change or working toward an electric future. Let us know your lifestyle changes (and money saving tips!) in the comments below. 


The Google Nest team

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I am kevin I live in barrie 

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Hello I am Wayne and I live in BC Canada.

I have 6kw of grid tied solar energy on the roof of my house.  I drive a Toyota Prius PHEV.  I use the Prius to carry my PLUG electric scooter to the nearest public charging station where I unload my scooter and continue my shopping errands on the scooter.  I recently installed a heat pump hot water tank in my house.  I also recently installed a minisplit ductless heating system in the house I rent out, and removed the Gas furnace. All my lights are LED, with several smart plugs.  I installed the NEST smart learning thermostat in my house. I designed built and installed a heat recovery system to extract the heat from my waste water and return it to the hot water tank before it exits the house. I am in the process of replacing all of the 50 year old windows and doors in my rental house with new energy star rated windows and doors. 

Of all of the upgrades I have done in the last few years I have to say the least bang for my buck and most frustrating was installing the nest thermostat.  Yes it does work, Yes it does save energy, but it is overly complicated to use and seems to waste as much energy as it saves.  I have been tempted on may occasions to simply replace it with the oldest simplest thermostat I can find in a yard sale or on ebay.

IMHO don't waste your money on this thermostat until it is actually working properly.  This thermostat is grossly overpriced and that money would be far better spent on any one of the numerous options I have mentioned above as well as many many others that will have a much greater impact per $ spent.

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Can not connect my camera to my phone 

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Hello wpenno,

Does the nest thermostat connect to a controller? From there connect each on off switch for solar, heat pumps, etc. The thermostat will allow your system to be powered by your battery power/ solar panels during peak demand hours of each day. This is essential for you to make final connection. Use a one line diagram. The controller will act as a transfer switch between normal and green power.