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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey everyone, 

Earlier last week, our newest camera and doorbell went on sale and we’ve seen the insightful feedback and thoughtful questions you’ve shared so far. We appreciate you taking the time to always share your experiences so we can continue improving the products you love. We understand there’s a lot changing (and that change can be frustrating) so we’ll be sharing more about our newest cameras and doorbell and how to get the most help from the Google Home app.

The new Nest camera experience is exclusively available in the Google Home App

The Google Nest Doorbell (battery), Google Nest Cam (battery), Google Nest Cam with floodlight, Google Nest Cam (wired) are exclusive to the Home app (and will not work in the Nest app). We built the Google Home app so these new cameras are optimized for versatility (event based and continuous based recording) and intelligence across the whole home. The Google Home app is also where you control your other compatible smart home devices, including your speakers, smart displays, Wifi, lights, locks, Chromecasts, thermostats, and more. Below you can find some of our new camera features available in the Home app today:

View all of your Nest cameras and doorbell in one place. You can tap on the camera icon in the home view of the Google Home app. Here, you’ll see all existing Nest cameras, including Nest Doorbell (battery), Nest Cam (battery), Nest Cam with floodlight and Google Nest Cam (wired). You can also watch live video in the Home app.

rchambers_8-1630623938465.png rchambers_1-1630623300484.png

With your new cameras, view your history for a specific camera (Sightline 2.0). The new sightline experience lets you easily scroll through time and review both your event based recording and continuous video recording (only with a wired Nest Cam and Nest Aware subscription) while keeping the full field of view of your camera visible. You can also view recorded clips for any Nest Cam in the full Home History. We’re working on making this available for our previous generation cameras. Learn more about video history in the Home app.



When viewing the camera feed live, you can quickly access additional controls from the ‘More’ tab — like turning your camera on or off, selecting one of your doorbell’s quick responses, setting up quiet time, or contacting emergency services (requires a Nest Aware subscription). Check out these articles for more details: Learn about how to turn camera on/off, learn more about Doorbell chime settings and learn more about Emergency calling.


View the recent priority events that have happened across your cameras - like a package has been delivered or when an unfamiliar face was detected (requires a Nest Aware subscription). Learn about the Home app Feed. rchambers_3-1630623300347.png
Exclusive to the Google Home app, you can use full Home History to quickly understand what happened in the day across all your Nest devices. You can filter events by camera and by what the cameras have detected (person, package, animal etc.) Learn about Home History.


home history.png


Adjust your camera settings - You can personalize your camera experience with the many camera settings available. You can do things like selecting the types of notifications you want to receive and even change the default settings so you can further optimize battery life, event frequency and more. Check these resources out for more detailed information: Nest camera and doorbell settings and How to use sound detection settings on Nest Cams and Doorbell (video). cropped camera settings 2.png
Get smart notifications right at your fingertips. Be in control of what notifications you or any member in your household  receives in Camera Settings. Your new camera can alert you when a person, animal or vehicle has been detected. In addition, your Nest Doorbell (battery) can alert you when a package has been detected. We know it’s important to receive notifications across all your cameras from one app and we’re working on bringing that functionality to the Google Home app. Learn about smart notifications

**the notifications image previewed here is currently only available on Android and will be coming soon to iOS users




Activity Zones help your cameras focus on the areas you care the most about with tailored alerts. Setting up your Activity Zones is  a good way to optimize the battery life of your Nest Cam (battery) and  Nest Doorbell (battery) by focusing on the key areas of the scene.  Check these resources out for more detailed information: How to set up and use Activity Zones and How to set up Activity Zones on your Nest Cam and Doorbell (video).



Camera Experiences to Look Forward to

There are a few things we’ve been working on (and will continue to) as we know there’s much more you’d like to see and do in the Home app. Our team is actively working on a plan to bring other Nest devices into the Home app and we’ll share more later. Some of our upcoming features are:

  • A new home on the web. This has been an important feature request, so we’re developing a new Google Home on Web for the new Nest cameras and doorbell allowing users to view their cameras on the Web. This will be coming in 2022. 
  • Improved Video Seeking. We are continuing to improve sightline 2.0 so we can help you quickly review and discover events your cameras recorded. This will be coming later this year. 
  • Holiday Ringtones. Holiday ringtones continue to be one of our most beloved and most requested features and we’re excited to bring them to the Google Home app for Nest Doorbell (battery). This will be coming later this year. 


As long time Nest customers, we understand the transition from the Nest app to the Google Home app has been a bit confusing and frustrating, and we’re committed to providing a seamless Home app experience for our customers. These are only some of the things you can currently do in the Home app and what’s to come. 

We’ll be listening and we want to ensure you’re having a great experience with your new Nest cameras and doorbells, so we’d love to hear more from you. Feel free to continue sharing your feedback and additional thoughts. 



Community Member

hello everyone,

Can someone tell me how can I share live video to other people (as public link or password protected) in the nest camera(battery). I could not find an option to do in the HOME app.. If it's not available, is this something which we can get in future with a software update?

Community Member

Good luck. The Home app is terrible for anything related to security.

Community Member

that not good

Community Member

I have been a Nest customer since the beginning . I just bought a new nest cam battery and I am furious that it is not available in the nest app. I would not have bought this camera if I had known this and I’ll probably return it now. Makes no sense. The Nest app is just way more convenient than the home app. Very very unhappy 

Community Member

StevenInNM,  I feel and share your pain.  I am devastated that they have totally messed up the trajectory of this product. Shame on you Google.  I think you own the user base a major apology.  And to say that improvements are coming in 2022 is completely unacceptable in my opinion.

Community Member
  • Hello I haven't thinking about using a Google Nest indoor wired camera for our Cottage while we are away. The question I have is, does the Google Nest indoor wired security camera have a thermometer function.  The reason I ask is if some window were broken we would like an alert.  Another question is, do the cameras operate on as low as 1.5 Mbps Wi-Fi signal? Thanks.
Community Member

Hi Thank You. Great Update 

Community Member

Network not connected 

Community Member
Community Member

This is my សម្រាប់​ប្រើ​ ត្រូវចេះ ស្រឡាញ់​ជីវិត​ខាងក្រៅផង គឺល្អ សម្រាប់ខ្លួនយើង និង​ ជីវិត​ ដទៃផ្សេងៗទៀត អាយុជីវិត មនុស្ស​គឺសំខាន់ជាង ប៉ាខ្ញុំជាងផ្ទះ សំខាន់ជាង ត្រូវ​ខ្ញុំ😌🐂

Community Member

Any news when Integration with Smartthings will take place, if at all?

Community Member

Davion Taylor

Community Member

Agree with all the above frustrations and at least feel satisfied that I’m not alone in this boat, S.S. Annoyed AF.

I’d like to add that, when you bring the home app up to feature parity and the UX simplicity of the original Nest App, not to forget to fix the notification  bug on apple watches. The Nest app provides a convenient thumbnail of the video, while the home app’s notification is an unhelpful block of grey pixels.

Thanks for providing this forum.

Community Member

Google you've COMPLETELY missed on this decision. The Next app for cameras is far and away superior in every respect to theGoogle Home app. AND I have a total of 17 cameras on the Next app and only look at the 1 new outdoor camera on the Google home app. I can't use the Nest app for my new camera. WHY NOT!!!

The Nest app camera functionality is so much better than Google home app. Its an embarrassment for a company like Google to mess this up so badly. UGH!!

Community Member

So, when will we get some more definitive timelines on the enhancement deliverables?  I've just stopped looking at my new cameras until we have a better online viewing capability.

Community Member

I also share the same frustrations of others. Please add feature to Home app to automate on/off of cameras. 

Community Member

I got to tell you.... I feel like I have been taken for a ride. I hung in 9 months waiting for the new camera, expecting the same customer experience as with the Nest App..... 

This is really a joke right? 

Community Member

I already have an annual Nest Aware Plus subscription with three cameras that provides me ten days of history and 60 days of events.  So I recently purchased the new Nest Cam battery to add to my subscription.  I followed the directions that it had to be added via the Google Home app … as it couldn’t be added via the Nest app.

While my other pre-existing Nest cameras and thermostats are visible in the Google Home app … to my chagrin my pre-existing cameras on my subscription have NO HISTORY via the Google Home app.  They only support live video.  To see the history on those cameras I have to go to the Nest app … which can’t access my new Nest Cam (battery).  So in order to see video history on ALL of my cameras that are part of my $120 annual subscription … I have to use two different apps?  WTH?  Also, I can’t access any of the settings on the pre-existing Nest cameras via the Google Home app.  I have to use the Nest app for that.  Google … you’ve screwed up this transition.  Why am I paying for an annual subscription that is supposed to support ALL of my Nest devices when I can’t view the video history on ALL my devices on ONE place?  This is ridiculous.  Are these now two separate and not equivalent services where the devices don’t have the same capabilities depending on which app is used?

Also, the new Google Home app’s control of my Nest thermostats is far, far inferior to the Nest app, and it doesn’t recognize the remote Nest room temperature sensors linked to my thermostat.  I can’t edit my cooling or heating schedules.  I can’t change what times of the day my remote sensors are active.  It’s effectively unusable.  Whoever designed the Google Home interface should be fired.

Community Member

I'd love to see this as a positive note, however, this is truly a disappointment on multiple levels. As a consumer, we are asked to buy/invest in your products and services yet suffer for the fractured identity and positive intent with no carrot at the end of the stick. To that end, our ultimate reward in some cases has been having our product/service abandon in the name of change.

Yes, change can be frustrating but it can also be managed effectively. In my opinion, this reaffirms that Google is a "product/dollar first" and not a "customer first" focused team.

Whether this was rushed or planned, it is poor execution. It expects much from me as a consumer and gives very little in return. These products are too expensive to casually disregard us as consumers and our long-term investment.

The options of where I can spend my money are now too many to continue down this path.



Community Member

Can we consider below before the fun ringtones?


  • Ability to schedule cameras in the Google Home App. Extremely frustrating that this is not even an option.
  • Nest App had the ability to connect with Alexa devices, which Google Home App is lacking…
  • Ability to change camera wifi in the app without the need of resetting each camera.
  • Easy way of scrolling through older events.

I truly have hard time understanding how is scheduling not a common sense in 2021 and please, fun ring tones may be important but let’s get real.. I love the cameras, but may have to return and switch to devices that have these abilities. Not asking for anything really crazy here. 

Community Member

I agree with all the comments on this community posting.  I am a satisfied long-time user of the Nest ecosystem (Thermostat, doorbell, cameras).  I just purchased a new Google "Nest" wireless camera to add to my existing Nest system.  However, as has been noted here, the camera cannot be added to the Nest system, but only to the google system.  I do not want to migrate the Nest account to the Google Home due to the numerous issues described by others here.  And I cannot simply add the new camera to a Google Home account as it conflicts with the Nest system (unless I migrate it). 

I am very disappointed with Google to essentially "trash" the the existing Nest ecosystem and all their previously satisfied users and now understand why the new line of Google products received such bad ratings.   

The only options appear to 1) find older Nest products somewhere on the market, or 2) abandon the all the Nest products and install one of the many excellent alternate products/systems available, and/or 3) seeking recourse from Google.


Community Member


Community Member

This is the worst customer lie I’ve ever seen from a company.  I just spent an hour installing the nest Floodlight camera only to find out that it only works on the home app and not the Nest app.  The new home app is pure garbage and I see what you all are trying to do.  Save $$ on storage, save battery life by removing 24/7.  Now you’re just as lousy as ring.  I ordered other cameras and will be returning them.  Shame on you google!

Community Member

I got this new product because I like Nest, despite Google. The fact that it doesn’t work with Nest app means that I won’t use it because Google Home app sucks. Since I am past my 15 day return period, by a couple of days, It will either become a nice looking, I like the design, paper weight or trash. Thinking about what other product to switch to. Disappointing.

Community Member

Google did a bait and switch with Nest and forcing their user base to use the subpar Google Home app and the sales are going to suffer because of it.  Go check out all the 2 star ratings for these products.  My previous post was incorrect, the Spotlight cam does 24/7, although the interface to do so makes it impossible to move quickly through time.  The Nest UI is near perfect and handles all of this with ease.  Too bad I can’t use my new 275 dollar spotlight camera with it.  Now I’m getting notifications from two different apps for my camera.  Not only that, google didn’t maintain feature parity in google home with the old nest iq cameras.  Thousands of dollars spent by consumers on Nest equipment and google essentially divides and shatters the capabilities of the Nest ecosystem.  What’s worse is there is ZERO transparency in the sale.  The products are branded as Nest yet they don’t work as Nest.  Someone or some group at Google is completely out of touch with their customer base and made a huge mistake here.  More interested in the bottom line than their customer base.  Sad really.  Even @RachelC  noted in the main post that this new product set and decision are meant to cause frustration (beyond angry more appropriate), but positing that some guide or manual is going to overcome the stupidity of forcing a loyal user base into something we don’t want.  I hope the Nest team at google learns from their mistakes, but I’m sure whomever is in charge probably prepped the execs that there may be some push back so I’m sure everyone will be celebrating how great of a launch this is while I sit here and regret investing money into all of these products because I have zero control over the future capabilities of what I bought.  Thanks google.

Community Member

Very disappointing that I cannot connect my new two cameras to the Nest app. Plus the video quality is grainy on google home. I am going to return them. 

Community Member

We are keeping our new Google Nest Camera Battery, because we had already installed it with a hood and with the Google power cable before we discovered the camera does not work with the Google Nest app (and because the previous Google Nest Outdoor Camera is no longer available). But it is an ongoing annoyance that we now have to use two apps to manage our Google Nest cameras, that the new camera does not appear on the website, and that the new camera (as accessed in the Google Home app) lacks several of the features of our older cameras (as accessed in the Google Nest app and the website).

For us, the video quality on the new camera seems comparable to that on our older cameras.

Community Member

"Insightful feedback and thoughtful questions" actually means once again your customer base is outraged and you've botched yet another product.

Who the HELL greenlit this train wreck? How can a team of I'm guessing over 100 people have worked on this project for probably a year at least and no one not once said, "Hey, this actually sucks and I'm pretty sure people are going to be mad." Fire your QA, fire your project managers, fire whoever made and approved the process. 

I've heard the story of "wE WiLl bRiNg aLl tHe fEaTuReS FrOm tHe oLd aPp. It wIlL ReAcH FeAtUrE PaRiTy bEfOrE We kIlL OfF ThE OlD OnE." too many times from google to be let down. (google play music, chromecast audio, nexus, picassa, drive, stadia, pixel buds)

This is just to be expected from google now. Your products are half-baked, your customer service is non-existent, you cut useful features and force unnecessary and annoying "features". My days of buying google products is coming to an end and my patience is wearing very very thin

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey folks, apologies on the delayed follow up for some of your questions. Do know the team has taken the time to read all this feedback. At this time, I'm unable to respond to folks individually on blogs, so I'll be addressing a few of the comments below:

@mj989999Thanks for sharing your feedback. We're constantly working to improve our user experience, but don't have a specific update to share at this time about this specific feature. In the meantime, the Google Home app does offer the ability view multiple camera and doorbell video streams at once. From Home View, the main screen within the app, click on the "Cameras" icon along the top and you will be able to view live streams of all your cameras at once on one screen.

@TsenElgoog: Sorry about the delay! You can view your full home history by selecting your camera and tapping ‘History’. 24/7 continuous video history is only available with a wired Nest Cam or Nest Cam with floodlight and Nest Aware subscription. Learn more about video history in the Home app.  

@Roobarb70I appreciate you sharing your feedback and welcome to the Google Nest family! We hope you've been enjoying your device so far. We're constantly working to improve the Google Home app experience for our customers and don't have a specific update to share at this time. Stay tuned to our social channels for any updates as they become available.  

@BrianThanks for sharing your feedback. We're working on bringing our existing Nest devices in the Nest app into the Google Home app. We'll provide an update as soon as we have more info to share.

@dafinkiThanks for sharing your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're disappointed with your experience. We've shared your feedback with our product and engineering teams and are working hard to improve your experience. Please stay tuned for more updates.

@codeversed: Thanks @codeversed for sharing your feedback. We're working on bringing our existing Nest devices in the Nest app into the Google Home app. We'll provide an update as soon as we have more info to share.

@dg-goog: Apologies on the delayed response. We’ve been working on rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app, so the new Nest cameras and doorbell feeds can be viewed and controlled from there. This will launch in 2022. Please stay tuned for more updates. We'll also continue to share updates on changes and improvements we're continuing to make. I know this isn't the firm answer you're hoping for, but I assure you it's something we're really focused on here.

@ccampesi: Thanks for sharing your feedback. We're sorry that you're disappointed with your experience. You can check out this link for additional troubleshooting steps on your cameras not detecting activity. If you're still experiencing issues, please let us know and we'll be happy to provide additional help. As you may have seen in some of our other responses, we're working on making existing Nest products compatible with the Home app. When we have more to share, we'll definitely include updates here.

@RaspPiGuy: We're sorry that you had such a negative experience and that the video clip was not able to help you more. We're working to make Nest Cam's activity detection even better to to help in this types of situations. We'll have someone from our support team reach out to you using the email address associated with your community profile to gather more information.

@BryanC: Apologies for the delayed response and the experience you're having so far with your Nest Doorbell (battery). This is definitely something we'd like to look into further so would love more details, so we'll have someone from our support team reach out using the email address associated with your community profile. 


Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

@gobsofrobThank you for sharing your feedback on the features you'd like to see in the Home app that you enjoyed in the Nest app. Do know we're committed to bringing the experiences and Nest devices you have come to love in the Nest app into the Home app.

@SmitApologies for just getting back to you and thank you for sharing your feedback. Please know Nest Aware is compatible with all our Nest cameras but the new Nest cameras and doorbell are exclusive to the Home app for setup. I recommend checking out Nest Aware plus to see if this is able to resolve your issues. If you're still having issues with your Nest Aware plan on your new camera, could you please share more details so we could look into this further? As you may have seen a few times, we’ve been working on rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app, so the new Nest cameras and doorbell feeds can be viewed and controlled from there. This will launch in 2022.

Community Member

So why exactly hasn't Google reached out to their loyal customers?

@RachelC Why were the cameras put on sale before 2022

And what do you mean you can't answer all of our questions? What kind of customer service is that?

Anyone want to join me in a class action lawsuit for deceptive sales

Community Member


Thank you for your responses.

I hope, however, that Google realizes what it has done with its 2021 camera rollout. I can summarize my own frustration as follows:

If I had purchased my new Google Nest Battery Camera and cable just ONE week earlier, I would have purchased the no-longer-available Google Nest Outdoor Camera and would still be contentedly using the seamless integrated experience already available in the Google Nest app and on the website to support ALL of our cameras and doorbells, while continuing to augment my experience with occasional use of the Google Home app.

If Google had done what it is NOW promising to do in 2022 BEFORE releasing the new Google Nest Camera Battery and power cable, then I would be using a new "seamless integrated" experience in an updated Google Home app and an updated Google Home website that each incorporate the existing capabilities of the Google Nest app and the website, while, of course, getting used to a new user interface.

As it is, I was misled into thinking I was purchasing an improved Google Nest camera and now have existing Google Nest cameras and doorbells that are MOSTLY supported by the Google Nest app and the website. And I have a new Google "Nest" camera that is "Nest" in name only and is ONLY supported by the Google Home app, which does not support a number of key features present in our existing cameras and doorbells (such as sound notifications, email notifications, the Enhance feature, and scheduling, to name but a few), and which lacks the far better existing Nest user interface (which supports timeline scrolling, a Sightline with event details, the ability to create videos clips manually, etc.).  And instead of a seamless integrated experience, I now have to use two apps for my cameras until some unspecified date in 2022, while serving as a guinea pig for Google as it develops these promised features.

Community Member

Are you even listening to your customers Google? Do you find even one satisfied customer with your new “nest” cameras ? Stop calling them Nest because the Nest creators would never sign off on the garbage that is your Home App. I’m ready to sell every piece I have (3 Hub Maxes, 1 hub, 3 cameras, and a doorbell cam)- and start again with a company that cares about its customers and their input! PUT YOUR NEW CAMERAS ON THE **bleep** NEST APP! 

Community Member

The Nest app is a far superior platform for ease of use and layout compared to the google home app. I have just purchased 3 of these new nest cameras for over $600 to find out you can’t use the nest app. What are you guys calling them Nest cameras then? I have 8 cameras I use on the nest app and now I’m to either switch over to the google home app to use all my cameras ? Or use two different apps for the same companies cameras ? This is ridiculous, and frustrating would be a understatement, especially considering the cost of some of these products. This pretty important information was also not clearly disclosed on the product advertising. Why would some cameras work with the nest app and others not? I would of never bought these if I had known that. Further to that, why is it so hard to obtain information as simple as finding out how to tell the battery is fully charged? I have 9 cameras, two kitchen hubs and some and some mini speakers abs I am thinking of seeking them all and no longer supporting google. Seriously disappointed. 

Community Member

You are exactly correct.

nest cams that do not use the nest app.


I have multiple cams.  I have to use GOOGLE HOME AND THE NEST APP.


very disappointing 


I might be calling AMEX to tell them I will send the new cam back to Nest

Community Member

The relative lack of functionality in the GOOG home ap compared to Nest is astonishing.  How can you expect to pay $200+ per device and then lose the ability to do easy surveillance of each in a format as nice as the Nest Ap?  And they had years to figure this out and transition/upgrade the Google home experience to that of Nest.  I would like to know WHEN you’re going to restore this functionality?  My consideration of further upgrade purchases depends on this functionality.

Community Member

I will not purchase another Nest product until they fix the mess they created.

Now customers need 2 Apps

does not make any sense

Community Member

This camera is garbage! I have been a big supporter of the nest cameras but since Google is now trying to move everything to google home it’s a complete disaster.

I can't believe they released this Nest camera without Nest App support. I own 16 Nest / Drop -cams and 10 Nest outdoor cameras. All of the previous models I have purchased have been a breeze to install and manage. The magnetic attachment on the outdoor cameras was brilliant.

These new cameras are very poor quality and have some major limitations. The first issue is the power cord is fixed to the camera. The camera might be ok sitting on a desk when there is not a need to install on a wall however wall installations are a serious problem. The camera cannot rotate with ease and is limited to the angle. If the camera is not installed in the perfect location on the wall then the camera image crooked. The base is silicone, so you can't mount it to the wall with 3M Velcro strips like you used to be easily able to. Rotation angle from the base is also restricted, but it's not obvious how the range of motion is restricted by looking at it. There is no way to compensate for this on the camera app “Google Home” which Is also garbage at the moment.

One of the main reasons I like the nest cameras is the nest app. Don’t plan on using this any longer because google has ruined it by making users only use the Google Home app for these cameras. Even though these cameras are supposedly nest cameras they don’t work with the nest app. A HUGE MISS ON GOOGLES PART. I called google and they said they are moving to google home. In my opinion google should be migrating their software from google home to the nest app and not the opposite which is what they are currently doing.

Onto the Google home app. Where to start? Well the first problem is on the google home app its slow, and doesn’t allow for live feeds. To review the cameras history you have to use a timeline that doesn’t work or in my case says the camera feeds are not available at the moment and to come back. The Home App doesn't let you see more than one live feed per page, so you have to manually select each camera to see its feed. With the Nest App (and Nest webpage) you can have a panel where you can see all of your cameras live at the same time. Google did mention they have had a lot of feedback with the request to show the camera live views when you open the app but it doesn’t work at the moment.

So google how do you plan to migrate all the cameras from nest to google home? Now I have two apps to use cameras!

I am not sure who the development team for Google home is but they should be all fired.

Reluctantly, I am returning all 6 of the new google nest indoor wired cameras. Guessing at some point I will be forced to use the Google home app at which point I will most likely have to find a new camera company.

Community Member

The performance of the old Nest cameras are still superior.  It takes forever for the new google cameras to load into this live view format.  Also you can’t change the amount of bandwidth each camera uses.  My recommendation is to buy the old cameras while you still can!

Community Member


Google Support
You’re connected with agent Jose.
11:07 AM
Hi. Thanks for contacting Google Nest. This is Jose, I'm here to help.
Jose · 11:07 AM
your new google indoor wired cameras are horrible and the google home software requirement is horrible as well
I use the nest app with all my other cameras and I cannot believe you force users to use google home.
I would like to return all 6 of my cameras a
11:07 AM
11:08 AM
Please help me with the serial number of the product.
Jose · 11:08 AM
there are 6 cameras new in the box
I provided the order number.
you look it up
this is ridiculous!!!
11:10 AM
I completely understand. We need the serial number of the device to gather the device related details.
Jose · 11:11 AM
look it up on the order number
11:12 AM
We don't have an option to gather the order details.
Jose · 11:13 AM
you call yourselfs a smart company
let me go get the box
11:14 AM
I regret the inconvenience caused.
Thank you. I'll standby.
Jose · 11:15 AM
#1 190JLMF
#2 191090JLLG
#3 191090JLM9
#6 190JLK0
11:20 AM
Thank you for sharing the serial numbers. I see that the devices are within return window period.
Where did you purchase the device from?
Jose · 11:21 AM
man you all
11:21 AM
I'll go ahead and transfer the chat to our store team who'll help you with this.
Jose · 11:22 AM
what a joke you are
11:24 AM
Please allow me 2 minutes to review the resources.
Jose · 11:25 AM
11:27 AM
I'm still working on it, please allow me another 5 minutes.
Jose · 11:28 AM
I ordered 6 cameras and they arrived in one package
I would like to return them all in one package.
11:28 AM
I do understand. Thank you for staying connected.
I'll go ahead and elevate the case to our Google store team via email.
You'll receive an update from our Google Store team regarding this concern via email.
Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Jose · 11:32 AM
yes what is your ID
11:32 AM
I'll go ahead and elevate the case to our Google store team.
Due to privacy and security reasons we don't have an option to share that information. I regret the inconvenience caused.
Do you have any more questions for me today?
Jose · 11:33 AM
I would like to report our chat to google. I am not happy with your help
how do I identify you
11:34 AM
I can sense the inconvenience this represents. If there is any other option, I would've definitely helped you with it, without any second thought.
Jose · 11:34 AM
It should not be such a process to return items which were sold to me that are misrepresented by google
now I am having to spend alot of time on something that I should not have to
11:35 AM
I completely understand where you're coming from, if there is any other alternative I'd have helped you right away.
Jose · 11:35 AM
please share with me your supervisor
and how to identify you
11:36 AM
The session has ended.
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This is nearly identical to my chat sessions. Time to hire a real security/surveillance company!