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Adding a used doorbell

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Have an existing Nest doorbell on one door, am trying to add one that belonged to a family member. Tried to connect and chime worked but would not connect to my Nest app. Tried restoring factory settings but flashing blue never turned yellow during reset process. Then I learned the chime box setup was skipped since we already have one installed, and my friend didn’t think it was necessary. Attached is a photo of our current chime situation—I removed two black wires from the rear connection(the one I’m trying to add) prior to this photo. Which black wire do I connect and to which of the white boxes? The one with the red wire? Thanks for any suggestions! Probably circa 1990sProbably circa 1990s


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Community Specialist

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Check out this link for the complete guide for your chime settings.


If you have additional questions, feel free to submit another post, and provide as many details as possible so that others can lend a hand. 


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