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I raised an issue on the nest. Hello, saying that it was showing as unassigned on the nest app. Brad replied to say it needs a signing to a room. I asked how to do that and didn't get an answer, then I went in to Google home to check and found that it was assigned to a room which I replied in the thread. Thread. Brad then answered saying he was pleased it was working and locked the thread. I haven't had a chance to reply to say nothing is actually fixed because the thread has been locked based on the mistaken understanding that something had fixed it. I still have a doorbell that is assigned to a room yet in the nest app says unassigned in capital letters. Please Brad reread my post that you just locked and please answer my original question. @Brad 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Stuart_of_Skelf.


Please do not create a new thread to continue a locked thread. The original thread was unlocked and can be found here. This thread will also be locked.


Best regards,