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Doorbell themes

Community Member

I have had the winter theme on my doorbell over Christmas, but I now want to change it back to the standard, but the menu option doesn't exist to change it to standard and the doorbell is stuck on a winter chime


How do I get it back to the standard chime


Community Member

Yep, We are having the same issue. very irritiating.


If your Nest Hello is still producing a Winter theme doorbell tone,then Google Nest must have a bug on their server. Google Nest Help ( claims this:

"After the holiday, your doorbell automatically goes back to the default tone, and the seasonal theme disappears in the app."

Community Member

Same here, no theme setting anywhere to be seen in either the nest app or google home app. 

Community Member

According to Google the seasonal themes were started back Sept 5. It is now Sept 28 and I still do not have the option to select a seasonal doorbell theme on my Nest Doorbell.