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Error NC018 3.3 Nest Hello Wired

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Is Google ever going to fix this? I read other threads where it said to remove all other Google products and then install the device with the issue first. I have a Nest thermostat and am weary of removing that and then both don't work anymore. How do I know this won't happen again if I buy other Google nest products (which I probably will never do again).

Camera was good (ok video quality) until it stopped working suddenly but honestly wyzecam v3 is a much better camera overall. Only reason for Nest Hello to exist is integration with the Hub which I have three for each floor. If not for that I really regret this purchase!





The "assisting device" error is one that Google Nest has failed to address for the last year or more.

Given your reference to your Nest Hello having good camera quality before it quit working, it sounds like you may have removed it from the Google Nest app and done a factory reset, so that may affect what's happening with you, depending on exactly what you did.

Some customers in this forum have reported successfully bypassing the "assisting device" error by temporarily creating a new "home" or "structure" in the Google Nest app, adding the new device to that home, and once it is working, removing the device from that temporary "home", adding it to your regular "home", and deleting that temporary "home".

Other customers say this has not worked for them.  (We have NOT encountered the "assisting device" error even though we've added several new devices in the last year.)

Thanks. Yes I reset it based on Google Support team recommendation since my camera stopped working and no longer showed the green on light but then they could not get it to add back to Nest app. If it was not for these forums I wouldn't have thought of removing all my existing devices and then re-adding with the device with issue first and then the others. Anyways I did just that. I removed my Nest Thermostat from both the Nest app and Home app and then added the Nest Hello first to bypass the assisting device and then re-added the Nest Thermostat. Everything works now even the camera. 

Hopefully Google addresses this as it seems silly to have to remove and re-add all devices. Anyways not planning to buy more devices and wasted 2 hours with Google Support with zero results.

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Hi folks,


Thanks for your help here, MplsCustomer.


I'm sorry that you've experienced this. We appreciate your efforts and you did a great job of adding your Nest Hello doorbell (wired) to your Nest app. We're here if you have further questions.




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Hey folks,


Since this thread hasn't had activity in a while, we're going to close it to keep content fresh. Feel free to submit another post, and provide as many details as possible so that others can lend a hand.