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Google Cameras suck Big Time

Community Member

I purchased 5 cameras from Google and took Nest Aware account so I can see all my cameras online on ,my computer screen. Now NOTHING works! They do not record 24/7 as promised on my google app and they CAN NOT be see online. Please HELP. I can not also get my second Nest wired camera into Google or Nest app. I tried 3 days and going nuts. This is the worst experience BUY something else.




It looks like you have discovered some what we discovered when we got our new Google Nest Battery Camera in September 2021. The new Google Nest cameras and doorbells released starting in the fall of 2021 can ONLY be accessed in the Google Home app, and NOT in the Google Nest app or on the website (as is the case for our old Google Nest cameras and doorbells). We have one new Google Nest Battery Camera (plugged in with the optional power cable so we can have 24/7 streaming), and we can only access its history by clicking on the camera in the Google Home app, clicking on "History" and then clicking on "Full History". The user interface is not as good as the Google Nest app. We cannot see the battery camera or its history on our computer because it does not work with the website. Continuous video history with Nest Aware is only available for wired Google Nest Cameras  (, which is why we have our battery camera plugged in.

Also, if you search this forum for "assisting device", you'll find many posts from people unable to set up their new camera or doorbell, with many customer-suggested solutions and varying results. Google Nest Help has not yet posted a solution and says they're still working on it.  (We have been fortunate to not have problems installing our new Nest devices, so I don't have any solutions to suggest.  Some of the customer-supported solutions work for some.)

You can see Google's rationale for its new cameras in these blogs in this forum, along with considerable customer reactions: