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Google Doorbell Battery (Can't Reach This Camera)

Community Member

Hello Community

I have tried several times to reset and reinstall by doorbell battery with no success. Every time I try to access a live video I get the spinning loading icon followed by the message "Can't Reach This Camera". I can hear the audio from outside my house. When I walk up to the door the doorbell flashed as if it has tracked movement. I have also opened my router settings and have confirmed that the doorbell is synced (5G) and has plenty of signal.  I have to add this also. I have been trying to work with google customer service for 9 days with no help. I keep getting that my case has been given to the engineering team. Is Google's customer service really that bad?

Can anyone help me? I need this to work as I live alone and it would be nice to monitor my place when I am not home. Please help