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Google Home Notification Previews not showing motion IOS 15.2

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We have a 2021 Nest Outdoor Camera (Battery) For about 2 weeks now at this point we will receive notifications from google home for motion, animals seen, vehicles etc. The issue is with the notification previews in iOS. Both phones on the google home account get the notifications and we can long press to see the event BUT the preview is no longer showing the motion event or sometimes it will show very little motion and be "too early" or "too late." When we first installed the 2021 Nest battery camera we used batteries and it was fine. I decided to hardwire it with the outdoor cable and ever since then it's been giving us issues; I think this is just a coincidence to be honest. I tried 2 factory resets last night with no luck at all. I can press on the notification and be taken to the event in the "history" and that works fine.


It should be noted that our Nest Hello doorbell sends these with motion without any problems from the NEST APP.... Seems to be an issue with Google Home / The new cameras.


Anyone else having these issues? 


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Our one Google Nest Battery Camera is plugged in all the time with the optional power cable (with a Nest Aware Plus subscription for our cameras and doorbells), and we can usually see an event without a problem, and certainly do not get error messages. I don't know how the camera behaves without a Nest Aware subscription. Is your Google Nest Battery Camera wired with the power cable feeding towards the FRONT of the camera? And if you check the camera in the Google Home app, does it show as "Live", and if you check Settings | Battery, does it show as "Plugged in" with an infinity sign in a circle?

Hi, Yes the camera is hard wired and the cable is in correctly. It does show as "plugged in." So no issues there. We can view the camera fine, check the history no issues it's just the notification previews / gifs that are not working properly. Everything else is fine.


We do have a NEST Aware subscription as well.


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If it's just the notification previews you're having trouble with, we have the same problem.  Unlike notifications from our other cameras and doorbells that work with the Google Nest app, the notifications from the Google Home app for the new camera don't work so good.  At least sometimes the preview window on my Apple Watch or iPhone is just a blurred image but if I go to my iPhone I can usually get the event to show up in the Google Home app.  But it's definitely not as good as notifications from the Google Nest app.

I've seen other posts with a similar concern--one of many with the new 2021 cameras and the Google Home app.

Yeah, that is the only issue I am having. It was working before and this is one of the main reasons I went with Nest / Google over the others! Sad that it seems to be a known problem hopefully we get a fix soon. Makes the new camera a little less "useful" right now. To be able to get a quick preview on all events is much nicer than needing to go into the app to view the event...


I've just noticed that, if I receive an event notification from our Google Nest Battery Camera on my iPhone and click on or select it, it now immediately opens the Google Home app and displays the event, just as notifications from our older cameras open the Google Nest app.

Yeah, that works fine for us it’s just the previews when you long press the notifications that are not working. One of the main things I used to check on motion events. Still not working as of today.


I see what you mean; I didn't know long presses yielded a preview window. With our Google Nest Battery Camera, a long press displays just a white rectangle, appropriately titled but with no video or picture. With our other Google Nest cameras/doorbells, a long press displays a preview window with a very short clip of the event. Another lost function with the new cameras.

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