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Google Nest Doorbell Peeling

Community Member

I have had my Google Nest doorbell (wired) for approximately 2 years and it is already peeling.  I don’t understand how something so expensive could deteriorate so quickly.  I tried logging a ticket with google support and all they could say is that because it’s out of warranty they couldn’t do anything.  No sort of solution whatsoever such as a replacement at a discounted price etc.  I do not believe I should have to pay for a new doorbell every two years, it is unacceptable and speaks to quality issues with the product given all the other posts regarding the same issue.  I have a number of other google products, shall I expect the same level of quality from them?




 There are 267 other threads about "peeling" Google Nest Hello Doorbells in this forum. One of our Nest Hello doorbells--20 months old--is peeling.  That Nest Hello and another one also won't ring the internal chime anymore due to a failing internal battery (another defect with hundreds of posts here in this forum). It certainly seems both are clearly known defects.

In a several previous posts, I've suggested that customers with Nest Hello doorbells that are peeling or failing to chime due to a failing internal battery be given a discount on a new, re-designed Google Nest Hello Doorbell that has a user-replaceable internal battery obtainable from Google Nest and that corrects the susceptibility to peeling. So far, no one from Google Nest has responded.