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Google Nest doorbell peeling off

Community Member

My google nest doorbell is peeling off. I see that lots of people are experiencing the same problem. My doorbell is not 1 year old so it is under warranty.

While contacting for replacement, google is giving me Refurbished Replacement. I told them that I do not want refurbished item, but they  just have one answer - "We have a finite number of new devices manufactured, but we can assure our replacement devices undergo a comprehensive process to ensure the highest standard of quality before they are shipped."

I am worried that refurbished item may work for few days only.

Should I keep the peeled google nest doorbell or should I get refurbished replacement? any suggestion.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


Thank you for your patience. I have submitted the Request for a Replacement, and here is your Case Id: 2-1352000032487


Please note: once I have submitted your replacement request, I will be locking this post.


Best Regards,