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Google please make so new cameras work on the NEST platform

Community Member

You need to figure out how to get the new cameras to work under the old platform (google nest) google home doesn't offer enough features under google home and google home crashes all the time - please or let me buy the previous cameras



Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

They're not going to do that.  From here forward, their stated plan is to move everything to the Home App.  The best that can be hoped for is parity in features at some point within the Home app, I'm afraid (and that includes web access as well).

the home app is like going back in time 20 years - it has no features and isn't user friendly - if they wanted to go to the home app at least get it up to speed before they roll it out - I am so frustrated with the lack of support from Google at this point it seems they are clueless about their products....