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Hardwire connectors went bad

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Hi There,


I have had our doorbell since November, recently the house power stopped working on the doorbell. I removed the doorbell to discover the connectors have gone bad. I tested the power, everything seems fine there. How can I get replacement parts for this doorbell? I can't seem to find any anywhere. Thanks.




If your doorbell wires are long enough and in good shape, you could just connect them directly to the terminals on the back of your battery doorbell without using the wire connectors that come with the doorbell. We have 3 Nest Hello doorbells, and we used the wire connectors on only one of them. For the other two, the doorbell power wires were long enough so that we could attach them directly to the doorbell.

Otherwise, you'll need to wait for someone from Google Nest Support to respond here to help you get replacement wire connectors directly from Google Nest.  (They don't sell them.)

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I just installed a Nest wired doorbell and found that the connectors that look like little loaves of bread are poor quality, they would not hold the wire securely. I cut them off and replaced with small twist on connectors called Murders. They are industry standard for connecting wires and I don't know why they weren't included instead of the poor quality stab-in connectors. 


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Stupid auto correct, Murets, not Murders. 

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