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Has anyone looked into legal action for doorbell peeling?

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I have had my nest doorbell for a little over 2 years now (uk warranty) and it has started peeling like crazy and looks terrible, especially when visitors get flakey doorbell all over their fingers when visiting, it's a great advert for the product.

I have contacted google and they have outright refused to replace it even though it's a well known issue with hundreds if not thousands of cases all over the internet/reddit etc. It seems Google expect you to replace your doorbell yearly which is great for the environment.

Anyway, has anyone in the UK looked at legal avenues for this problem, under the UK's consumer protections we can reasonably expect a product like this not to fail within such a short period of time (I believe we get 6 years). 

Has anyone gone down the legal avenue to try and get this resolved as it really is a joke. I'm currently looking at scrapping my whole nest eco system as I don't really want to be paying them for nest aware anymore when they treat their customers this way but I need to replace my 5 cameras first.

Thanks in advance.


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Same here, I took mine down to try and clean up the peeling lacquer only to discover the lens cover had fallen off too.


I think Google Nest's terms require compulsory arbitration. I keep suggesting that customers with Nest Hello doorbells that are peeling--or failing to chime due to a failing internal battery--be given a discount on a new, RE-DESIGNED Google Nest Hello Doorbell (NOT the new battery doorbell) that has a user-replaceable internal battery obtainable from Google Nest and that corrects the doorbell's susceptibility to peeling. They could sell more doorbells and address the problem. So far, no one from Google Nest has responded to this suggestion.