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How can you adjust the contrast with the new Nest doorbell? It’s way too dark and can’t see faces.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Joey Simpson 


I currently have video settings set to ‘Max’ which is pretty much the only video setting.  I would like to adjust contrast as HDR is a little too dark for my entryway.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hi there, Joey.
Sorry for my late response. Thank you for all of your patience while waiting for a reply. I just wanted to make sure that your issue is addressed. You can only adjust those settings in the app, but is your Nest Hello in direct sunlight? That could affect the picture quality if that is the case most of the time. Please let me know if you need further assistance.
-from Brad C. (Community Specialist)

Community Member

Nest (a.k.a. Google) take a tip from Arlo and introduce a brightness adjustment along with HDR in your Google Home app for the ‘new’ Nest cams and doorbells.  Believe it or not, people have different types of entrances at their homes.  This is why I returned my Nest Doorbell Battery.  Ever since you integrated these new Nest cams into the Google Home app (ONLY), it has killed the quality of a once great company.  There is literally zero video adjustments within the Google Home app for these cams.  Please reference attached pic from Arlo doorbell video settings.