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How do I get my Nest Doorbell (Battery) to play a notification sound on my iPhone?

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Community Specialist

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Original poster: Ben M 2275 


When somebody rings my new Google Nest doorbell I receive no notification besides a small alert on my iPhone. I want it to make a sound, you know, like a doorbell or something so my household knows there’s somebody at the door.

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As an extension to this, I'd love to know how to get a sound alert on my phone even if I'm set to vibrate only. An override similar to the ring/find my phone command

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I’m Glad I’m not the only one who finds this an issue. This seems really elementary as far as a fix goes so not sure what the hold up is. We are not the only ones asking this question. I’m having buyers remorse and wish I had gotten a ring doorbell instead now

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I came here looking for an answer to this question.  I am a former ring user and I loved that it gave me a motion audible alert AND a doorbell audible alert.  I want that now.  It does me no good to have a doorbell remotely when I am not notified when someone is there.  

Exactly!  I need more than a silent notification on my phone.  If I have some type of sound alert that would be way better.

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I just got the nest doorbell and really disappointed that my phone just get a notification and to a ring. The point was when I am away I can speak to the person when they ring the doorbell.  Thinking of returning this unit

I'm asking that question too.  Why can't we get a unique alert like Ring Doorbells send to their customers?  A "push notice" is not an alert!


Completely agree, the amount of times i've been out and missed a delivery because all I get on my Google Pixel is a small notification mixed in with all the other notifications I get, rather than a proper alert in the same way as if I were receiving a text or phone call. Out of interest from anyone who's had a ring, how do they send their alerts?

It's a unique ringtone, that the user picks themselves (a different one for motion and ring, if you want).  I just ordered the cheapest ring doorbell ($50) and installed it near my google doorbell.  Now I get the Ring alert to know someone is at my door, and can use my google doorbell to answer.  It works... but I should NOT have to do that!


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There needs to be a setting on the iPhone where I can create a notification sound that best suits my doorbell. This is absolutely ridiculous that all I get is the default notification sound which I can barely hear when the phone is right next to me let alone when I’m in a different room and my phone is in. This needs to be addressed and fixed as soon as possible.

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Same problem, dissapointed ;-[
Does google development read our threads / respond to it?