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Indoor electronic chime does not ring consistently (contd.)

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Link to the original thread: Indoor electronic chime does not ring consistently

Not sure how/why my original thread was closed since the issue was not resolved. I did inform Brad that I need help as the issue is not yet resolved. Hoping this one stays and does not get closed. 


Here's an update to the issue:

I discovered that if the camera is taken off the base plate and the Nest Doorbell battery button is pressed, the internal chimes ring every single time but no video is recorded and no chime is played on the Nest Doorbell battery. When the Nest Doorbell battery is mounted on the provided base plate , video recording is enabled and a chime plays on the Nest Doorbell battery but the internal chimes stop playing.

So, this leads me to think it is something to do with the device or the setup of the device. Any thoughts/suggestion on how I troubleshoot/fix this?


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I was following your original issue since I have the exact same problem with mine, I just hear a crackling/buzzing type sound for a second or two instead of the chime when the doorbell is pressed.

The internal chime was working when I initially installed the Nest Doorbell (Battery) and adjusted the 'Length of ring' to 10 seconds. I believe it started giving me problems when I lost power and had to reset the Nest Doorbell, I could not get the internal chime to work after that. I have tried disconnecting the transformer and reconnecting it to reset everything and that has worked on occasion but then it stops ringing again and just buzzes.

I believe the issue is with the voltage and duration of the voltage from the Nest Doorbell (Battery). The wired version has a chime connector / diode but the battery version says it's not needed, I think maybe the new circuitry could be the issue but that's just a guess.

Anyway, I look forward to any replies with more suggestions about how this issue can be resolved.


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An update on my Nest Doorbell (Battery) issue:


After several troubleshooting steps including removing the power, resetting, etc. I think I found the solution to my issue -

In the Home app, I disabled the indoor chime, pressed the doorbell a few times, then reenabled the indoor chime with the 'Have electronic chime' set as 'No'.

Pressed the doorbell a few more times then set the 'Have electronic chime' to 'Yes' and adjusted the Length of ring to 9.


It's been working ever since, I still get a short buzzing sound afterward.