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LONG Delays on Doorbell Notifications

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I have a Google Nest Mini and Google Doorbell (Battery). I've noticed that there has been an increasing length of time for a notification to alert me of either someone is at the door or has ring the doorbell.

My 2 Phones (Pixel 6 and Samsung A5 (work phone), my Wife's Phone Samsung  and Google Nest Mini are connected to the same WiFi with a very strong signal.


My internet speed is 75mb down and 30mb up.

Regardless of if I put my 3 Phones on WiFi or Cellular, I will ALWAYS get the notification about 20 to 40 seconds after someone it detected or rang the Doorbell. What's up with that?


Surely it should be near instant!?


I've factory reset the Doorbell 3 Times, checked Firmware and nothing has resolved this.

I pay for a Nest Subscription for a while now and I seems I'm paying for terrible service and no gains!

I await a reply, thanks


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If you find a fix please let me know as mine have been the same for over a year. At the moment i cant use my cameras at all and haven't been able to for 3 plus weeks due to a home app fault that google say could take months to fix. But when or if they ever do fix the home app so i can use my cameras again it would be nice to actually receive notifications. Sometimes the notifications were hours late sometimes they never came through at all. I had all my connections tested by an isp representative and my connections are solid so its definitely a google issue. Anyway if you eventually find a fix i would love to know what it is.

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What's your setup?

Are you using a VPN on your phone?

How far is the Doorbell to your Router or Wireless AP?

Have you reset your doorbell and readded it to GoogleHome?

Have you uninstalled and reinstalled GoogleHome?


I'm not Google Support but I work in IT so hopefully some of the above may help you at least get some sort of connection working.


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All of the above and more multiple times to  avail.

No vpn.

Thank you for the suggestions though you're more responsive than google support haha

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I had found that my Doorbell was connecting to my Router using 2.4ghz instead of the Wireless APs I had which are closer to the Doorbell.

This meant that the signal was intermittent as it was going through a load barring wall.


I disabled 2.4ghz which the Doorbell uses and this forced it to use the Wireless APs. 

Now it's just a case of the LONG DELAYS on notifications that Google need to sort out.

If you do have Wireless APs and able to access the Router, I'd recommend the above and disable 2.4ghz on the Router and see if the Wireless AP connects to the Doorbell.

I've got 100mbs symmetric connection, on the same WiFi, notification delay is 20 seconds. Also any video identification of people starts *after* they have delivered whatever and started to leave. 

Here's the thing - it never used to be this slow 3 months ago.


My bet is Google decosting the service and using insufficient processing power to provide the service you are paying them for - why else would it work and then deteriorate?

Are you saying that the Notification goes out of my Network and then back in to my Device(s)?


If that's correct, what a stupid setup! 


Google needs to sort this crap out...

It doesn't process the images onsite, it takes snapshots and uploads them to the cloud for processing, then alerts get dispatched from there if needed. 


Cloud services are quick if they are online, bringing them online from dormant states takes longer. If you want to save money on a cloud service you simply reduce the provisioning of online servers. It results in a new instance being brought online to handle your events. 

One thing is for sure, no one on Google's side seems to be in a rush to solve this, you just get the generic 'reset and retry' advice without any indication that they know what the cause actually is 


So, Google claim all algorithms for motion detection and similar are on the doorbell... Which means there's no reason for it to delay when it's on the same network. 


Mystery deepens... Would love for someone from Google to actually provide an answer to why they take so long to respond

This makes me sad...

Regardless of the images needing to be processed to the cloud, i would have at least thought the notification would have been local no matter what. 

I may just keep logging support tickets and stir the pot.

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I just wish I'd read this forum before i spent two thousand dollars on cameras that dont work and aren't fit for purpose. I give myself an uppercut everyday when i think how stupid i am not researching the crappy cameras and associated google home app before outlaying all the money. Google just take our $$$ then bail out on us. Google have no fix for these ongoing issues they just become worse.

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Annoyingly my page refreshed at the same time i was pressing reply and i clicked on "Recommend this Answer" 😂


@G_doorbell_sux your responses have been greatly appreciated, even though my mis click made your reply the answer.... it's probably the best i'll ever get! 

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I have had this same issue; I had even communicated with Nest support, and they issued me a new device after all their troubleshooting suggestions failed. I have set up a new home network, changed routers, uninstalled apps, set up on a friends Wi-Fi, factory reset, tried on a brand-new device. All the same outcome, outrageously delayed notifications. It has to be a server-side issue from Google. There is no other explanation. 


Hate to see Nest products devolving and failing before us when you consider the amount of money required to invest in an ecosystem such as this. If this isn't sorted, I will be forced to regretfully step away from the smart home scene. Tired of wasting my money on products that either aren't built to last, or just get buggier and buggier by the week.