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Misleading Product Specifications - Battery Doorbell

Community Member

In order to bring awareness to potential buyers, I'd like to discuss the potentially misleading product specifications and product claims that Google has made with the Nest Doorbell (Battery). I just noticed that Brad (Community Specialist) replied to the larger thread "Cold weather concerns with Nest Doorbell Battery", which may not be closed because the final response was deemed a "solution".

I know there are many unhappy users here, and the main issue is that the Nest Doorbell (Battery) is advertised to "Say hello while you’re away", but many customers around the country are faced with extremely fast battery drain and no way to charge the doorbell without removing it and bringing it indoors. This situation leaves areas vulnerable, which is counterintuitive to buying a doorbell camera.

If the minimum charging temperature is 32°F (0°C), this needs to be prominently displayed on the product page. I would suggest even adding a cart warning prior to final checkout.


I'm extremely unhappy with my purchase after waiting months to "upgrade", and I hope Google does right by its customers by offering a refund/credit/return allowance ASAP.


Community Member

It's not just the doorbell camera Google has problems with. Look at the disaster for the Pixel 6 phone. I have a pixel 6 pro and still can't get the fingerprint sensor to work most of the time. 

Google is rushing out products and not properly testing them. Google customers service team is terrible to work with. All they do is read pre-manufactured responses of their screen. 

I am loosing faith in Google to fix any hardware issues. They simply don't have the expertise in hardware.

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That's really unfortunate. I've been using iPhones for years now, but I've generally had respect for Pixel launches since they're touted as best-in-class for the pure Android experience.

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🙄😠 Google's version of a solution to our last thread:

Hey folks,

We appreciate the feedback on our battery Cameras and Doorbells. Our team is looking closely into this behavior, and we will continue to pass along reports we see here in the Community. To learn more about cold weather battery charging behavior in Nest cameras and doorbells, please stop by our Help Center.

Best regards,

Can someone please explain to me what exactly was solved with this answer from Brad, to justify their closing down the previous thread!?  As an owner of two of these doorbells, I'm still waiting for Google to offer an actual solution.  Saying you are passing the info along doesn't quite cut it in my books.

Community Member

I am thinking they pay Brad to close these threads ASAP.  

Brad tell your leadership to solve problems with products first, please!