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Missing Screws

Community Member

I purchased wired video doorbell from Home Depot on Saturday and immediately began the installation.  It wasn't until near the end that I realize that the two small screws that hold the wires against the doorbell were missing. Called HD and was told to call Google. Can return it, but that means removing everything I mounted/ installed. Please let me know how to order these two screws.  Thank you. 


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

You’ll have a much faster solution by returning it and purchasing a new one. If it’s that much of a pain to redo what you’ve done, then just go buy a second unit and remove the screws that you need. Finish your install and then return the second one you bought. Either way you’re returning a package without the screws which gets you to a completed install faster.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


Sorry to hear that you are missing these screws! Please contact support for further assistance.


Best Regards,