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NEST Outdoor Camera - Theft Prevention & Recharging

Community Member

I bought a couple NEST Battery cameras (Gen 2) for outdoor use, but wondered how can I easily recharge them if I outfit them with security cables or mounts that make it harder to steal?  I'd rather not be on a ladder, in the snow, fiddling with the camera to get it down to charge.  I have no good way to provide continuous electrical power.



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im interested in this as well. Quite frankly it seems ridiculous that a security camera can simply be removed in such a way and why would i want to have to take down to charge a camera every few weeks for the rest of my life? whole thing seems bizarre. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. You can keep your Nest Camera plugged-in, even outdoors, with its weatherproof cables. It comes in two lengths, 16 ft (5 m) or 33 ft (10 m), and can easily be plugged-in inside or outside in a weatherproof outlet. It even comes with cable clips, screws and wall anchors to route the cable for a clean install, and can be painted to blend in. You may also use the secure loop accessory or  the Wasserstein anti-theft mount, which also offers drop protection.


You can purchase the optional weatherproof cables on the Google Store.


If you want to plug your Nest Camera into an outlet for continuous power, consider the following before drilling a hole through your wall:

  • Check that you’re following local housing safety regulations.
  • Make sure that the placement of the hole doesn’t interfere with your home’s wiring or plumbing. If you’re not sure, contact an electrician or plumber.

Let me know if you have additional questions.