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Nest Camera

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I have a number of Nest products and just got the two pack of the nest battery camera. Go to set it up and it says use google home app fine. The google app doesn't have 1% of the functionality of the Nest app but it is what it is. Set up and camera doesn't show with my other Nest cameras. Then to find there is no way to view this new camera on a computer, Unless I am missing something I need to rip out all of my Nest equipment and replace it with a full eco system that can be viewed on my computer



It seems you are yet another Google Nest customer who has discovered--like many of us customers have--that the new Google Nest cameras and doorbells released in the fall of 2021 do NOT work with the Google Nest app and CANNOT be accessed from the website from your browser on your computer. They can ONLY be accessed from the Google Home app, even though they are "Nest" products.

For now (at least), we have to use two apps (Google Home and Google Nest) to manage our new and old Google Nest cameras, with no browser access for our new cameras.

Google's explanation for this (along with many customer reactions) can be found in these blogs on this forum:

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Thanks, that was hugely helpful! I think that cleared the massive confusion I had over all this. Frigging Google.

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Community Specialist

Hey folks,


Thank you for your feedback on this issue, I fully understand the frustrations of not having your new Nest Cams in the Nest App or available on web app. I can imagine having to use two different apps at the moment is quite daunting, and could lead to frustration. 


However, the new Nest cameras and doorbell are exclusive to the Home app because we wanted to create an integrated experience with your speakers and displays. A Nest Aware subscription applies to all of your cameras, speakers, and displays in the same home structure. Thank you for your continued patience, and support. I am more than happy to assist you further with this inquiry if you wish. Please let me know.


Best Regards,