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Nest Doorbell PEELING?!?

Community Member

In short, the black facade of my doorbell is peeling horrendously. It looks like I forgot to take the protective film off but it is long gone. It’s peeling and separating all around the camera and sides so I’m worried about water getting in and ruining this investment. I have had my Nest doorbell for a year or so. I don’t remember exactly but not long enough to justify this kind of poor construction on a $200+ investment falling apart after a year or so of rare use. It sits on the northern face of my house under an eve. It never receives direct sunlight and rarely gets damp except in the occasional storm. I’ve seen videos and posts that have since been removed by Google of others having this same problem. I hope Google will stand by their product and offer replacement ASAP before things get worse. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


Thank you for your patience. I have submitted the Request for a Replacement, and here is your Case Id: 0-7721000032232


Please note: once I have submitted your replacement request, I will be locking this post.


Best Regards,