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Nest Doorbell Wired Gen 2 Availability in Europre

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Hi, we're all still very excited, but we don't have any news about 2nd Gen Nest Doorbell wired availability in Europe. What are the plans? Pls don't tell us you don't have any news to share, because we've seen that answer already and it's not helpful. 


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I've just come to this forum as I decided purchase a Nest Doorbell Wired. I assumed I was getting the latest version, but discover it's not, it's the gen 1. It was when searching for the gen 2 that I find it's not released in UK/Europe. I'd read about the issues related to powering the units from existing door bell transformers in UK / Europe and I think it's pretty obvious that is why Google have decided not to release another wired device outside US. I suspect the return rate on the gen 1 is very high when people discover it doesn't work with their existing transformer. The average punter is not going to want to mess about upgrading transformers to get it to work. Hopefully they may work on a unit that has a wider acceptable voltage input range. Lets see. I guess for now I'll stick with the gen 1. I had to use a separate PSU to get the thing commissioned and then it would work with the 8vac transformer. Might still upgrade the transformer if it proves not to be reliable.  

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


Thanks for reaching out here in the Community. We're glad to know that you're excited about getting the 2nd gen. Keep your eye on the Google Nest Community page for any updates.




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Hello Google, 


Can you confirm if you plan to release the Google Nest Doorbell Wired 2nd Generation in the UK or not?  Please could you reply with a simple yes or no?  

Please don't reply with a 'we are waiting to hear further news' given this is the same response you have replied to other messages over the past year.  Surely after this time you must know whether you will release it or not?





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When can we expect the Nest Doorbell 2nd gen in europe. In the Usa it launchend a while ago. Still in Europe we only have the 1. Generation. Is there any possible Release date.

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Please hurry up with the release of the gen2 nest doorbell in the Netherlands please. Nobody wants to buy a 5 year old video doorbell.. and I also don't want a battery only version. I haven't read any good reason for postponing this device here so why the hell isn't this thing for sale here??

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HI All,

I need to get a new wired doorbell. 

Was just looking to buy the Gen2 Nest Doorbell but I see from this thread Google have no plans to release this outside the US.

Can anyone recommend alternative? 

If Google are no longer supporting the UK market is there an alternative that works with google/nest? Otherwise a HomeKit camera would be great.



It's very annoying and disrespectful that the only answer the reps are allowed to give here is "we have no news to share. Please follow social media for announcements". I hope at least that internally they are kicking up a fuss and escalating the fact that they don't have or aren't allowed to share the answer to the simple question of whether there is actually an intention to release it outside of North America.

I just want to know which one of these statements is true:

1) "We are actively working on it but do not have any sort of timescale to share"

2) "We're not actively working on it but it's on the backlog of potential future work"

3) "We're not actively working on it and we have no plans to". 





It's very frustrating not knowing if I should give up on waiting. Especially when there are deals on at the moment.