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Nest Hello Doorbell Delaminating - I called customer service and was hung up on

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I was one of the first to purchase the wired Nest Hello doorbell in 2018 - I remember my pre-order being delayed. 

Fast forward to 2019 and 2020 and I noticed the front delaminating. I assumed it would "fix itself", but alas, no luck. (You know, maybe flake off so much it looks like new again?)

I called in today to inquire about a possible replacement. I was told the product was out of warranty and I was out of luck. This was after I needed to pull the camera off and provide the serial number, then provide a photo. Google happily has that information - I feel a bit like a product tester!

This issue has been reported many times throughout the last few years. It appears sometimes the Google support rep helps and provides a replacement, and sometimes not. 

In my case, not only was I not able to get a replacement, but the rep hung up on me. "I have other customers that need my assistance, so I will end this call. Have a good day." Click. 

It's one thing to not do the right thing (can I mention here Schlage has a lifetime finish warranty?). If it bothers me enough, I can buy a new Nest cam or a competitor. But to actually be hung up on. That's the bothering part here. 

I have 4 new Nest floodlights I bought in the last 30 days still not installed. Maybe I'll return these as I don't want the trouble. 

Case ID 3-############2240


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Community Specialist

Hello there, @nester_user!


Thank you for your case number! Last four is totally fine. Now that we have your case number, ill go ahead and get this escalated forward for you. Thank you for all of your patience, and I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your Nest Hello doorbell. We look forward to your response.


Best regards,