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Nest Hello Wired Doorbell Blinking Green Light

Community Member

Light at the top of the doorbell is solid green. I have tried performing both a restart (hold button on back for 10sec) and a factory reset (hold button on back and doorbell button for 10sec). Both times it turns off, then turns on green and blinking for a while before turning solid again. Doorbell shows offline in the app. 


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

hello, I found this on another post.  maybe give this a try:   "This worked!! Thank you so much!! I had tried that reset button but only pressed for 5-10 seconds initially since the darn instructions stated 5 seconds was sufficient. Held it for as long as possible until the yellow light came on and it took roughly 25 seconds for me."

Thank you for the quick response. I just tried holding the reset button for as long as 2 minutes, but upon release the same thing occurs: green blinking, then after a while solid green. 

At this point I would say your best bet is to speak with a Google Tech.   Here is the link to open a support ticket.  Once you give it all the info you will be given the chance to speak with someone at Google.   Good luck and please return here and let us know how it went.

One more thing: 

One more thing.  It might just be that it has failed and needs replacing.  I recommend buying a used HELLO doorbell from someone on eBay.   At this time because of many limitations I personally don't prefer the newer generation doorbells from Nest.  They ONLY work with the Google Home app which has limitations and when viewing from a browser you can only look at LIVE view and not recorded events.  Hopefully Google will address this at some point.