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Nest Hello mutes Talking 2 person at doorbell with 1 Galaxy S21 but not the other with same settings

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2 issues In brief:


- Wired Nest Hello 

- Works on 2 identical S21 phones EXCEPT recently 1 mutes the person at the front when they try to talk if "talk" option is pressed on phone's app.

- Both phones have the same settings / permissions.


- Delayed notification of seeing a person walking up.


More explanation: 

We have had a wired Nest Hello doorbell for about a couple years now. When a person comes to the door we have always used one of our 2 Galaxy S21 phones or Hub Max to speak with people at the door. Recently one of them works the same as always but the other S21 seems to mute the person at the door when I press the "Talk" button so we can speak back and forth. In order to hear the person at the door I have to turn off the "Talk" button while I listen to what they say and then press it so I may speak to them. 

I tried a factory reset on the Nest Hello, clearing the cache and updating the Nest & Google Home apps, I checked all the settings on both phone's apps including the permissions which all match. 

Has anyone else had this issue?
If so, have you found a fix? 


2nd issue

For the first nearly 2 years we would be notified when someone is walking up to our door as they were 7-10 feet away and approaching, sometimes even farther away it would notice a person which was very nice. I could even be ready to speak with someone before they rang the doorbell. Over the last maybe 6-12 months it has been far more delayed than before. Now we might get the mailman's face at about 2-4 feet away and by the time it notifies us people are already walking down the driveway or gone. First thought would be internet speed or cell service or something like that but none of that has changed and I have seen other similar complaints.
What changed?

Anyone else have this issue?

Have you found a fix? 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,

Thank you for bringing up the concern you're experiencing, I would love to look into this further for you. The first troubleshooting step that I'd recommend would be to restart your device. This process should keep all your settings, and reconnect it to the same Wi-Fi network. This is helpful if it ever freezes, has connection problems, or isn't working normally.

Best regards,

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Hi Brad, 

thanks for the reply, I did that. I'm not sure if you read my entire post but I also did a factory reset and multiple other troubleshooting steps where a power cycle also took place numerous times. I also removed it from my home and re-added it altogether.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist



I am sorry I must have missed that in your initial response. Sorry to hear those steps didn't work for you, but I would invite you to please fill out this form, and a higher tier of support will reach out to you with further assistance.


Best regards,


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there ThatDGuy, 

Checking back in — have you had the chance to fill out the form?


Hi ThatDGuy,

Just one quick final check in here since activity has slowed down. We haven't heard from you in a while so we'll be locking this thread if there is no update after 24 hours. If you have any new questions, updates or just a discussion topic, feel free to start a new thread in the Community.


Hi Mel, 

thanks for staying on top of me and threatening to prematurely close this thread which clearly has no resolution. I find it a bit un-customer service like to not only push me to respond but also further do your company's job by essentially copying and pasting my information into another form with less space for detail of our issue. Especially while bother of you and Brad being "Community Specialists" wasted more time not helping the community by getting me to do your company's leg work.

What is the point of this open forum if you won't openly discuss solutions or problems and abruptly try to close and silence us? Then tell me to start another thread for what, to be lost in the flood of threads so others can't get help like we are trying to do? 
I have been an advocate for your company and these products not just for to my family and friends but my customers as well being in the electrical industry installing such systems in people's homes while they very often ask for recommendations against other competitive products.

To say I am frustrated with a lack of customer service and expertise is a major understatement! This is after I spent hours on the phone with your customer support that got me nowhere as well. Now here you are shuffling us off to another department yet again where I can now assume I will also get little to no help. 
I also assume I will now get the typical attempt of a professional response saying: 

"We are so sorry and strive to do better blah blah blah thanks for your feedback, but we won't even elevate to the appropriate department since you as the customer will be asked to jump through yet another hurdle until you finally give up and leave us alone."
Thank you for replies Brad and Mel seems to have helped make this situation even more upsetting than it already was!


Community Member

A google rep replied via email, 
Here is their response so far:

Thanks for reaching out to the Google Nest Customer Care Team.


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have been having with the Talk and Listen function and the delayed notifications that you're getting from the Nest Hello and the Nest app.

Regarding the Talk and Listen, the issue that you're experiencing fits with a known issue between the Talk and Listen and Samsung phones. This seems to be caused by how the phones are processing the audio, though not all Samsung phones seem to be affected. The Engineering team is already aware of this and is working on a fix to be released in a future update, though they haven't given us an ETA on when that would come out.

As for the notifications, can you temporarily turn the email notifications for your doorbell turned on for about a day or so? This is to see if the notifications are similarly delayed through email, or if it comes earlier. This will help us isolate where the issue with the notification delay is coming from. Please let me know the results of this test.

For your reference your case number is X.... If you need more help, you can contact us again and reference this case number or reply to this email to reopen your case.

Have a new question? There are lots of ways to get back in touch with us below.



Thank you,

The Google Nest Customer Care Team