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Nest WIRED outdoor camera won’t add to G home

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New challenge!

Having bought a Nest outdoor wired camera for my parents’ house, I find that I can't add it to the Google Home app. Instead it asks you to set up using the Nest app. As far as I can tell, unless you have already had a Nest app/account before, you are stuffed because you can't open one anymore and are instead invited to G Home

anyone got any ideas before I take it back  please?


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

If the camera requires the Nest app for setup, use it logged in with a Google Account. When first launching the Nest app click "Sign in with Google". Follow the prompts to login to Nest.  Then proceed to setup the camera. Once the camera is setup in the Nest App you can add it to Google Home.

There is a transition right now and some Nest products use the Nest App for initial setup and others use Google Home.

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Community Specialist

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