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Nest door bell won’t play video recording

Community Member

I have a nest door bell and I have paid for the nest aware subscription but whenever I try to play a video recording it just shows how long the video is and a screen shot, but won’t actually play the video. 

I have check my modem and rebooted. It is working correctly. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it’s up to date and I have rebooted the camera itself and it’s still not playing videos. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, 


Sorry for my late response. Thank you for all of your patience while waiting for a reply. I just wanted to make sure that your issue is addressed. I can definitely understand how frustrating your situation must be. I would love to help you find a solution to this issue. 

  • Do you still need help with this issue?
  • What troubleshooting steps have you done thus far?

Please let me know if you need further assistance. 

Best Regards, 


Community Member

Still not recording video