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Nest doorbell (battery), no sound on phone when speak and listen activated

Community Member

Issue raised before and still an issue, unfortunately I missed the notifications for the post and it got closed sorry to those who were trying to help!!

On viewing the doorbell camera on my my phone (cat s62pro) via the google home app the doorbells audio can be heard fine. Upon pressing the "talk and listen" button, all doorbell audio is lost on my phone but the phones mic audio can be heard out of the doorbell. when "talk and listen" is cancelled the doorbell audio does not return on my phone. If you close the home app directly whilst viewing the camera audio can be heard for a split second as the app closes down. If the home app is opened again the doorbell audio can be heard.

This makes it impossible to have a conversation with someone via the doorbell, I'm not sure if this is a compatibility issue with my phone, the doorbell or the home app or a mixture. I'm also not sure how long this has been an issue for as it's a feature I haven't used until a couple of months ago but it's consistent and happens every time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you